Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Car’s Engine
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  • Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Car’s Engine

    Posted on July 28, 2018 by europeanseradmin

    We all love our cars, don’t we?  A lot of us car lovers can’t even begin to imagine our lives without our favorite car and because of this, we treat them well. However, amongst the very many people who are obsessed with taking care of their cars, very few are concerned with the major part of the car, the engine!

    Below are some helpful tips for some of the best ways to take proper care of your European car’s engine.

    Regular Change of The Engine Oil

    Engine oil is very important to the functionality of your car engine as it helps to regulate the temperature of the engine and helps to lubricate the parts that make up the engine. One of the best services you can do to your engine is to change the oil promptly every time. In some of the older models, you should change the oil every 3000-7,5000 miles however, you can also change the oil before that time when it is necessary. It is very important that you follow the oil change intervals for your make and model.  Jaguar’s for example, change their oil at 15,000-mile intervals!

    Watch Out for Leaks

    Rubber engine hoses and silicon and rubber seals in the engine can be prone to cracking or leakages due to the high temperature in the car’s engine. When this happens, oil, antifreeze and other fluids begin to leak, and this is one thing you do not want to happen to your engine. You should be proactive and check to see if any fluids are leaking under your car from time to time to get ahead of any issues that may be occurring and prevent further leaks or even more critical issues.

    You should also check to ensure that the engine’s cooling system is functioning as designed and that enough air is being supplied to the engine. In the video below, we have highlighted some of what you need to know to maintain the performance of your car. Stop by European Service Centertoday and let our highly skilled mechanics take a look at your issues. While you are there you will see why our mechanics are the best in the industry!\