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  • BMW Air Conditioning Service And Repair

    Posted on August 17, 2018 by europeanseradmin

    Owning a car can be likened to being responsible for a person. You must love, care and listen to truly understand any problems they may have and find an immediate solution to it. One essential aspect of your BMW that requires close attention is its air-conditioning system. Primarily the function of the heating or air-conditioning system is to keep you comfortable when the outside weather condition of Alpharetta and Texas is less than favorable.

    When you hit the road in the summer in those blazing at high temperatures, you should have fresh air inside your BMW. Anything short of that and you may need BMW service and repair. The BMW mechanics for heating or air-conditioning system are generic. This makes it easier to decide on your next line of action which is either you take it to a repairer or do it yourself. Let’s delve into the BMW air conditioning system and some common issues that you might encounter.

    Essential Components of The BMW Air Conditioning System

    The primary components that make up a vehicle air-conditioning system are a refrigerant, compressor, receiver, drier, orifice tube or expansion valve, evaporator, lines, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning). They are the basic makeup of your car’s cooling system. Their mode of operation is that the air-conditioning takes surrounding or use up the air in your car’s cabin. It takes the air to R134a – a conditioning fluid. The air will be cooled while the fluid gets warm and evaporation occurs to the liquid. At this point, the compressor of your car does the final job of cooling the temperature of the refrigerant permitting your system to blow cool air. Let’s us discuss some of the problems these components can encounter that might serve as a deterrent to its operation and how you can repair it.

    Check for Leaks

    Fluids play a vital role in the cooling system of your BMW. In fact, the fluid is a primary function when it comes to the functionality of the cooling system of your car. An ordinary leak will prevent your car’s air-conditioning system from working. In some model, you will be able to spot a leakage easily when you see a black oil on the ground of your parking lot. Getting it fixed is through refill which you can DIY. Another option is to visit your nearest foreign automotive service and repair shop for a quick fix.

    BMW Air Conditioning Components Damage

    The air-conditioning system can become damaged from the internal parts of your car. This can occur due to a process called black death. The refrigerant gets damaged inside the compressor and creates a mess inside the compressor which degenerates the effectiveness of the compressor and needs a repair. The only viable option is to regularly take your car on an occasional inspection to check the cooling system at any service station in Duluth.

    Other Related Causes

    You might encounter cases that will be difficult to diagnose, making it a challenge to locate the cause of its problem. If your heating or air-conditioning system, doesn’t move air or its slow at moving air, you should check out your HVAC on your car dashboard or the fan in your car’s cabin to ascertain if they are working. Issue such as, air that is cool but not cold, can be related to compressor clutch or trouble with A/c plumbing.


    Having the luxury to cruise in a BMW should come with comfort, but when summer comes, and the weather is hot, a BMW with an inadequate cooling system is torture. Take out time to learn how to spot red flags in your cooling system and let our team of BMW mechanics you get your BMW Air Conditioning system back to its coolest level.  We have repair shops in Texas and Alpharetta!