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    Posted on July 28, 2018 by europeanseradmin

    Everybody loves cars! Really, cars are one of the essential must-own items for every family in the 21st century. Cars have helped humanity in a lot of ways. However, owning a car comes with a few responsibilities for the car owner such as adequate maintenance and repair of the car whenever necessary. Knowing exactly when your car is due for a repair can be tricky sometimes,

    Some signs such as misfiring of the engine are obvious while other signs are not as obvious. We will discuss some possible signs your car is due for a tune-up in this article.

    What Does A Car Tune Up Mean?

    A car tune up is a service that involves changing the engine oil, replacement of the spark plugs, changing of the engine air filter as well other services. Normally, it was advised that older cars be tuned up after every 30,000 to 45,000 miles of driving. However, most newer cars can go much further now before standard service and maintenance are required.

    Signs That Your Car Needs A Tune Up

    Your Warning Lights Come On: warning lights in every car are placed there for the sole purpose of signally there is a problem with the car. So, you should pay prompt attention to these lights whenever they come on. Chances are there is a problem with your car and quite possibly it is in need of a tune-up.

    It Becomes Harder to Start Your Vehicle: normally, your vehicle is should fire up on the first turn of the key otherwise there is a problem somewhere. If your vehicle requires several turns of the key before it fires up or if it fires up but will not stay running, chances are it is due for a tune-up service.

    Poor or Weak Fuel Mileage: There is a certain distance your car is supposed to cover with a specific amount of fuel in the engine. When you notice the fuel does not last the normal distance, chances are that there may be a problem, or it is simply due for a tune-up.

    There are other signs that could mean your car is due for a tune up such as loss of power or sluggish acceleration etc.  Stop by European Service Center and let our skilled mechanics handle your engine’s tune-up.