Common Reasons the Radiator Expansion Tank Fails in a Mini in Houston
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  • Common Reasons the Radiator Expansion Tank Fails in a Mini in Houston

    Posted on October 15, 2021 by europeanseradmin
    MINI Radiator Expansion Tank

    When people buy a Mini model, they buy it to gain fun, powerful, and comfortable rides. Over the years, the Mini brand has provided that and even more. The creators put together several mechanical and electrical parts for the Mini to possess all the best attributes of modern vehicles. These parts can experience natural or unnatural wear and tear and become faulty. One of these parts is the radiator expansion tank.

    The Radiator Expansion Tank (RET) in your Mini serves as a storage device. It helps store the coolant when it expands unavoidably due to constant temperature change. Then, the expanded coolant is recycled back to the engine to maintain its optimal temperature. The radiator expansion keeps the engine of your Mini in the proper condition. Without it, your Mini will overheat and leave other parts damaged.

    From the function mentioned above, you can see the RET is an essential part of your Mini. You need to pay critical attention to it to prevent damages to the engine. In this article, the causes and warning signs of a failing radiator expansion tank are briefly discussed.

    What are the common causes of radiator expansion tank failure?

    The radiator expansion tank of your Mini might have failed because of one of the following reasons.

    • Natural wear and tear: The wear and tear of your Mini due to ageing is a natural phenomenon. When your car gets old from constant usage, the RET gets old. It might crack or stop working altogether. The only way to prolong its lifespan is through routine maintenance.
    • Cracks: High temperatures adversely affect the RET of your Mini. When the external temperature or temperature of the engine is higher than usual, the RET will crack. That is why when you notice the temperature of your vehicle is increasing, park it immediately and allow it to cool down. Driving at high speed can also cause the engine to overheat.
    • Broken radiator caps: If the radiator cap breaks or is not sealed correctly, it will no longer have the capacity to allow coolant flow. The restriction of coolant flow can cause the RET of your Mini to develop problems.
    • Overheated engines: Overheated engines cause most of the problems in your Mini. When the engine overheats, the pressure increases cause the RET to fail, among other destructive issues.

    What are the warning signs of a failing radiator expansion tank?

    When the radiator expansion tank of your liquidation, you will notice the following signs.

    • The coolant levels of your Mini will drop quickly as a result of a crack in the RET, causing the radiator coolant also to leak out.
    • When you check the spot where you parked your car, you will find coolant puddles Coolant puddles might happen due to leaking of other parts of the radiator, not just the RET. Hence, carry out a full scan on the radiator before proceeding.
    • A rusty radiator is another likely sign of radiator expansion tank failure. The expansion tank is supposed to keep the radiator from getting rusty, so it becomes unable to protect the radiator when it cracks.

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    MINI Radiator Expansion Tank Check

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