Diagnosing Excessive Noise in Your Maserati While Driving From Certified Mechanics in Houston
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  • Diagnosing Excessive Noise in Your Maserati While Driving From Certified Mechanics in Houston

    Posted on August 28, 2020 by europeanseradmin
    Maserati Car

    Maserati is one of the famous Italian car brands known world-wide for its sleek designs, plush interiors, and high-performance engines. People who purchase a Maserati model know that owning a luxury vehicle has its rewards and responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is following an extensive maintenance program to keep this extravagant vehicle running as expected.

    Along with its extensive maintenance program, owners must be vigilant in the intricate details of their vehicle. They must be able to recognize when it is not performing well.

    One way to keep your Maserati in top condition, outside of a professional servicing, is to visually inspect it from time to time, looking for damage, leaks, etc. Another way is to pay attention to how your Maserati is supposed to sound. Keep alert to any noises that are not normal.

    Let’s discuss a few abnormal noises while driving that could mean your Maserati needs a trip to a professional technician for inspection and diagnostic testing.

    Squeaking Sound

    One typical sound in most cars, including the Maserati, is a high-pitched constant squeak when you press on the brake. This is a warning that it is time for a brake service. Worn shoes, dirty or bad calipers or rotors are all possible causes. Your regular service checks should catch this before it happens. Skipping your scheduled maintenance can result in squeaky brakes.

    Rattling Sound

    Your Maserati’s high-performance engine operates at high RPMs, which can create vibration. If you have any loose components on your vehicle, you will hear them manifest as a rattling sound. One example is a loose exhaust. Any vibrations from the car will cause the metal exhaust pipe to repeatedly bounce off of the metal frame, causing a rattle. If you begin to hear any rattling sounds, have it brought in before the issue turns into a more expensive repair.

    Tapping Noises

    Tapping noises coming from your engine compartment are never a good sign, especially in your Maserati. At its worst, this could indicate internal engine components which are failing, such as pushrods, pistons, and valves. If these essential parts completely fail and damage other components, you are looking at an overhaul or having to purchase a new engine. If a tapping sound begins, shut down and do not operate your vehicle until you have your car serviced to find the cause.

    Whining Transmission

    A transmission with a loud-pitched, whining sound may be as simple as low transmission fluid or as severe as a full transmission overhaul. This sound will grow louder as your vehicle tries to shift gears.

    Sounds from Under Car While Driving

    Your Maserati’s suspension is engineered for performance, but as with all suspension systems, they can have issues, especially if driving on rough roads.

    One sign you may have suspension problems are sounds coming from underneath the car that you may think are rocks striking the bottom of your vehicle or an occasional popping sound. These are warning signs you may have issues with ball joints or tie-rods. Have a professional technician inspect right away and correct any problems before you have a dangerous experience with a broken suspension.

    Pops and Backfires from Exhaust

    Pops and backfires from your exhaust are evidence that something serious is wrong with your vehicle. This can be caused by a misfiring engine or issues like a fuel and oxygen mix failure.

    Hissing Sounds

    A hissing sound can be a couple of different problems in your Maserati. A damaged radiator may be allowing steam to escape, although you should see visual evidence of steam or hot water if this is the case.

    Another option is disconnected vacuum hoses. Vacuum leaks will seriously affect your engine’s performance and should trigger the check engine light.

    Squealing Belt

    A squealing sound coming from under the hood is usually a loose belt or possibly a bad bearing around a component your belt surrounds. If your belt completely fails, you could lose many functions that are needed to operate your car. Sometimes a belt squeal will stop after your engine, and the belt has warmed. However, do not let this sound go, as it will continue to worsen until a complete failure happens.

    Maserati Brake Service

    European Service Center for All Your Maserati Needs

    If any of these symptoms exist in your Maserati, don’t hesitate to bring it to us at European Service Center in Houston, Tx. We are your number one Maserati specialists in the area, and we look forward to repairing your car and getting it back on the road safely and quickly. Call us today to schedule for our exceptional maintenance program or any repairs.

    * Maserati Car image credit goes to: bluebeat76.