Expert’s Advice on Identifying and Preventing HDC Failure in a Land Rover in Dallas
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  • Expert’s Advice on Identifying and Preventing HDC Failure in a Land Rover in Dallas

    Posted on May 29, 2021 by europeanseradmin
    Land Rover Discovery Car

    The Land Rover combines luxury with top-tier off-road performance. Built to navigate rough terrain and an array of inclement weather conditions, its safety features are valued by families and adventurers alike.

    The HDC system was created to safely navigate steep terrain. As such, it provides confidence during off-road driving. However, it is not immune to issues or potential failures. If issues arise or you see warning indicators, it is imperative for your safety that the problems be identified and addressed before continuing to drive on steep terrain.

    What is the HDC system and how does it work?

    Land Rovers boast a driver assistance safety mechanism called the Hill Descent Control(HDC) system. It allows superior control during steep descents down rough terrain by automatically engaging its anti-lock braking system. It can be used in drive or reverse and is sometimes automatically selected with some of the terrain response driving programs.

    It can be engaged at or below 50 miles per hour, but only works when traveling at 30 miles per hour or less. If the vehicle exceeds this speed, the system is suspended. Because this system works automatically, it should be noted that if you press on the brakes or the accelerator, it will disengage until the pedal is released.

    If the HDC system is unable to function, the Land Rover will show an error message to alert the driver. These warnings do not necessarily mean the system is experiencing any mechanical issues or failures. However, in all cases, it does require action from the driver before the system can be reengaged. In some cases, it warrants a trip to a qualified Land Rover mechanic.

    Typically, error messages that can be remediated quickly are related to higher speeds. These include:

    • Speed Too High: This warns the driver that the 30 mile per hour limit has been exceeded and the system has been suspended. Once it decelerates enough, the system should re-engage.
    • System Cooling: The HDC system works with the brake system. Therefore, if your off-road adventure has heated the brakes beyond normal operating temperatures, you may need to cool them down to their normal operating temperatures before the HDC system turns on again.
    • HDC Not Available in this Gear: The HDC is only available as an option in the lower gears. This error message alerts the driver that the vehicle must be shifted into a lower gear to activate the HDC system. Once the lower gear has been selected, you can try to activate the HDC system again.

    What are signs of HDC failure or issues to investigate?

    To ensure safe off-road experiences with your Land Rover, it is important to investigate any warning messages or signs of possible failures. Any issue listed below or any suspicion of possible failure, should elicit a trip to a qualified Land Rover mechanic as soon as possible.

    These include:

    • HDC system not available: This warning means the system is failing.
    • Electronic or Battery Issues: Electronic issues such as flickering lights, software problems, or blown fuses often negatively affect the HDC system.
    • Brake Issues: If the brake warning light or anti-lock brake warning light illuminates, especially in combination with the “HDC system not available” warning, it could mean problems with the brakes.

    It is important that you do not attempt to navigate any steep descents when any of the error messages are shown or there is suspicion of a possible failure, as it could lead to a dangerous descent.

    European Service Center for your Land Rover

    The HDC system is an amazing safety feature, but only when it’s in proper working order. Regular preventive maintenance by qualified Land Rover mechanics can circumvent HDC system failures. Here at European Service Center, our dedicated and expert team is qualified to handle all of your maintenance needs.

    Land Rover HDC Repair

    If you find that you are experiencing an HDC failure or issues with related systems, taking your vehicle to a specially qualified team will ensure that you receive the proper diagnosis and repair for your Land Rover.

    For your convenience, our service centers are located in Dallas, Houston, and Plano, TX. Give us a call today and see why so many trust our team for all of their service needs. We look forward to hearing from you and earning your patronage.

    * Land Rover Discovery Car image credit goes to: Javier Peribanez.