Factors that Contribute to a Crankshaft Oil Leak in a Ferrari in Atlanta
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  • Factors that Contribute to a Crankshaft Oil Leak in a Ferrari in Atlanta

    Posted on April 2, 2022 by europeanseradmin
    Ferrari Car

    Ferrari’s are the epitome of class, style, and sophistication. Aside from their incredible speeds and engine performance, Ferrari’s are synonymous with ostentatious luxury. Despite its magnificence, your Ferrari may still suffer from a crankshaft oil leak. As with all cars, Ferraris run on fluids. The crankshaft seal in your Ferrari engine may begin to deteriorate with time, which may cause fluids to leak out. This article takes a look at the factors that cause crankshaft oil leaks and how to handle them.

    What is a crankshaft seal?

    The crankshaft rotates in the engine and helps to change linear motion into rotational force. The crankshaft features a crank pulley mounted in the front of the engine.

    The flywheel is also found at the back of the crankshaft. The crankshaft seals help prevent oil leaks at both the front and rear sides of your Ferrari’s engine.

    Causes of a Failed Crankshaft Seal

    The crankshaft is usually made out of rubber or other materials capable of sealing metal parts and tight spaces. The following are the factors that cause a crankshaft oil leak in a Ferrari:

    Wear and tear

    The main causes of a crankshaft seal leak are natural degradation. The constant rotation of your Ferrari engine causes a certain amount of friction in the crankshaft seal which results in its wear and tear over time.

    Note that the total mileage of your Ferrari plays a role in determining when your crankshaft seal is due for a change. If your Ferrari has over 100,000 miles, then its crankshaft would start to degrade, resulting in oil leaks.


    One major factor contributing to a crankshaft oil leak in Ferrari is the corrosion of the crankshaft seal. The metal parts on which the seal is compressed would corrode once water gets under it. Such corrosion would cause the crankshaft seal to break down quickly, leading to oil leaks in your Ferrari.

    Cracked hinged pin

    The hinge pin is made of metal and fits well into a crankshaft and cylinder block hole. Once there is damage to the hinge pin, it causes the crankshaft seal to fail and subsequent oil leak.

    Weather Conditions

    Weather is also a contributing factor to your crankshaft oil leak in Ferrari. High temperature and excessive temperature fluctuations can weaken the seal material. The seal will begin to deteriorate and wear out with time, thereby causing oil leakage.

    Defective installation

    A faulty crankshaft installation can cause the seal to give way. A professional should handle the replacement of a bad crankshaft seal to ensure it doesn’t result in an oil leak.

    Reasons to Fix the Crankshaft Oil Leak in Your Ferrari

    Ignoring an oil leakage in your Ferrari could cause serious damage to your car. Let’s take a look at some of the effects of a crankshaft oil leak in your Ferrari”.

    • Engine motor oil enables your Ferrari to run smoothly. Your car engine may start to experience a drag once the engine oil starts to run low. Failure to fix this problem may eventually lead to total engine shut down.
    • A crankshaft oil leak could result in a fire, which could be fatal for yourself and could result in property damage if it catches your garage on fire.
    • A crankshaft oil leak in your Ferrari results in higher fuel consumption.

    How to fix A Crankshaft Oil Leak

    While your Ferrari is a super reliable car on its own, proper maintenance is vital to keeping it running smoothly for years. It would be best if your mechanic carried out regular inspections during your oil changes. The goal is to ensure they detect any problem that may jeopardize your car’s efficiency.

    Frequent checking of your oil may also help prevent crankshaft seal failure. Once your Ferrari is running low on oil, your engine would start to overheat, thereby damaging your crank seal. A damaged crankshaft seal cannot be repaired; it must be replaced. So you need the service of an expert Ferrari mechanic to maintain and service your car when necessary.

    Ferrari Crankshaft Seal Check

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