Ferrari Electrical System Diagnostics and Repair
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  • Ferrari Electrical System Diagnostics and Repair

    Posted on July 4, 2018 by europeanseradmin

    Ferrari Electrical System

    Ferraris are modern day automobiles, so it is no surprise that their Ferrari electrical system is highly developed and complex. The electrical system of the car is one of the most important systems in a car. It sends the signal to start the engine and keep it running, and beyond that, the electrical system also powers the safety systems like the brake lights and headlights, the conventional systems like the car air conditioning and the electronic system like the radio. It goes without saying that a faulty electrical system can cause several parts of your Ferrari to malfunction.

    Components of the Electrical System

    The electrical system has three main components – battery, alternator, and starter. The battery is what powers the electrical system, and by extension, the entire car. The alternator sends the current to the battery, giving it the charge to keep the car running. Lastly, the starter like the name implies receives power from the battery to start the engine of the car. These three basic parts all need to be in good condition if the entire electrical system is to function properly.

    Signs of a Malfunctioning Electrical System

    Warning signs of a malfunctioning electrical system include an illuminated check engine light, dimming lights on the dash panel, a malfunctioning radio system, a ‘burning’ smell and rough idling of the engine. In cases of a total failure where the electrical system is completely shut down, the ignition may not even power on, and consequently, the engine will not fire.

    Repairing A Bad Ferrari Electrical System

    If your car has an electrical system problem, it is important that you get it fixed as soon as possible. When a car has a malfunctioning electrical system, the first thing we do is an electrical system diagnosis to determine the root cause of the fault. There are several reasons why the electrical system would malfunction; the common reasons include a malfunctioning alternator, a bad voltage regulator, corroded battery and battery cables, a blown fuse and wiring damage from bad electrical connections. Once we have determined the exact cause of the problem, we will either repair or replace the damaged components depending on the severity of the damage and the component involved.

    Nevertheless, it is best to get a regular ‘load test’ of your Ferrari electrical system. Load tests are diagnostics tests that ensure that your car is generating enough power to support the electrical components. Additionally, routine maintenance and servicing of your Ferrari will help you detect potential electrical problems before they become problems.