Fix Your Aston Martin’s Malfunctioning Cooling System in Atlanta
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  • Fix Your Aston Martin’s Malfunctioning Cooling System in Atlanta

    Posted on January 25, 2020 by europeanseradmin
    Aston Martin Overheating

    The cooling system found in your Aston Martin is comprised of the following parts: the coolant, radiator, thermostat, coolant pump, expansion tank, tubing, engine fan, and a temperature sensor. A fault in any of these individual parts can result in a failure of the overall system. Let’s take a closer look at this system and learn how to troubleshoot and fix it should it fail.

    How the Cooling System Works

    While you’re driving or idling, your Aston Martin’s engine generates a lot of heat. So much, in fact that were nothing done to cool the engine down, it would actually warp and melt. To prevent this nightmare scenario from happening, your car uses a cooling system.

    The cooling system works by circulating coolant around the engine. The coolant is able to absorb the heat from the engine, and with the help of fans is able to cool down the hot air, thus reducing temperatures. The thermostatic valve, or ‘thermostat’, controls the flow of coolant around the engine, restricting access when the engine is cold, and opening to allow coolant flow when the engine becomes hot. Once the coolant has circulated the engine, it is brought back to the radiator where it is cooled back down, ready to circulate once more via the aid of a pump.

    Troubleshooting the Cooling System

    The cooling system isn’t immune to developing faults or part failure during its lifespan. Good care and maintenance practices can of course extend the longevity of parts, while poor care can cause parts to fail much sooner. The likelihood of experiencing the following malfunctions can all depend on how you treat your Aston Martin.

    1. Overheating Problems

    An obvious sign that something is amiss with your cooling system is frequent overheating. Overheating can be a serious event for your car to go through and can put the engine at increased risk of failure, so this type of issue is best dealt with quickly.

    You can rule out some obvious red herrings by checking that the coolant temperature sensor and temperature display are working correctly, as your car might not actually be overheating. Next you should rule out issues with the engine, which can develop through leaks or holes created by wear and age. The radiator may just need a good cleaning to get back up and running. You should also check that the fans are working. The thermostatic valve can also get stuck open or closed to make sure that there is nothing impeding this.

    A visual check for mechanical damage is also advisable. Even if you don’t know much about engines, a quick peek under the hood may make it obvious where a leak has sprung!

    2. Cold Engine

    While the cooling system is meant to keep your engine cool, it can develop faults which cause it to prevent the engine reaching optimum temperatures. As with overheating issues, you should first check that the necessary gauges are displaying the correct information. The leading culprit for a cold engine is the thermostat. The valve can become stuck or clogged with sludge or debris which prevents it from closing, meaning that coolant can constantly flow around the engine even when it’s trying to heat up. The radiator fan and auxiliary can also be the root cause of this issue.

    3. Vehicle Doesn’t Heat

    You may find that the cabin of your Aston Martin won’t heat up. To confirm if this is the case, you’ll need to take your car in for some testing. You’ll also need to rule out issues with the heating valve and the heat exchanger. Lastly, the filter can become clogged or the interior blower can become faulty.

    Aston Martin Coolant Check

    The Stress-Free Option

    If the above diagnostic work has you stressed or at a loss on how to resolve your issue, don’t worry: at European Service Center, we’re here to help! Our incredible team of expert technicians will do the work for you, and will not only diagnose the issue but repair it quickly and affordably.

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