How to Avoid a Sudden Brake Failure in Your Aston Martin While Driving: Advice from Adept Experts of Atlanta
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  • How to Avoid a Sudden Brake Failure in Your Aston Martin While Driving: Advice from Adept Experts of Atlanta

    Posted on May 6, 2021 by europeanseradmin
    Aston Martin Sudden Brake Failure

    Aston Martin is the definition of a luxury sports car. Owners and drivers of an Aston Martin should never have to deal with their brakes suddenly failing. All cars can have brake issues, but to avoid any surprises, your Aston Martin’s brakes need to be regularly maintained and replaced when needed.

    Common Causes of Brake Failure

    There are many reasons why your brakes can fail. Some of these include loss of fluid, normal wear and tear, and damage to the brake system. Your car may exhibit temporary braking issues if you drive through large puddles of water or mud, as the excess liquid will lubricate your rotors and brake pads. Usually, this can be fixed somewhat quickly by gently tapping on your brakes to remove the excess water.

    Unfortunately, the number one cause of brake failure is neglect on the part of the vehicle owner. Brakes have a limited lifespan, and they must be inspected and replaced regularly. So ensure you get regular maintenance on your Aston Martin to ensure you do not run into safety issues.

    Nine Signs of Brake Failure

    Your brakes are a system that is often replaced during routine maintenance and inspections, and with good reason. If your brakes suddenly fail, you could injure or kill someone, be injured or killed, or total your car. So if there is any part of the car that you will want to keep in tip-top shape, it is your brakes. If you pay attention to the little things in the list below, brake failure will not sneak up on you and put yourself or others in a dangerous situation.

    • ABS Dashboard Warning Light: There is a warning light on your dashboard for your ABS system which alerts you to problems with your anti-lock braking system. If this light turns on, call your trusted mechanic and bring your car in right away.
    • Grinding or Squealing Noises: When you apply pressure to your brakes, hearing a grinding sound is one of the most common signs that you need new brakes quickly. Once you hear this sound, you have reached a dangerous point where the brakes have completely worn down. The sound comes from metal grinding against metal.
    • Brake Pedal Shakes: Another sign of brake problems is when the pedal shakes when you brake. This is due to the rotors needing to be replaced. When you hit the brake pedal, the brake pad grabs the rotors, which causes friction. The car slows down on demand. But without good rotors, eventually you will lose all ability to stop your vehicle.
    • Soft Brakes: If your brakes have become soft, meaning your brake goes down to the floorboard before stopping, there is a problem with your brake fluid. This could be as simple as needing more brake fluid, but it is more likely you either have a leak or worn brake pads, both of which need service from a garage to diagnose and repair.
    • Odd or Unusual Noises: Some odd noises you may hear during braking include grinding, scraping, scratching, or high-pitched sounds.
    • Inability to Quickly Stop: If it takes you longer than before to come to a complete stop, your brakes are failing.
    • The car pulls when braking: If your car pulls to the right or the left when you brake, there may be a problem with one of your brake pads. This usually indicates uneven wear on one brake pad. It could also be a more severe issue like impurities have gotten into your brake fluid.
    • Leaking Brake Fluid: If you are leaking brake fluid, your brakes will not work correctly. You will not have enough hydraulic pressure to stop. The amount of force and power required to commit this action will simply not be available.
    • Burning smell when driving: If you smell a chemical odor when braking, your vehicle may be overheating the clutch or brakes. Pullover in a safe place immediately and allow your brakes to cool. You will need service from your mechanic possibly with a tow to their service center.

    Aston Martin Brake Repair

    European Service Center for Your Aston Martin

    If your Aston Martin is exhibiting any of the signs mentioned above of your brakes beginning to fail, you should seek assistance immediately. The quicker you notice the problem, the more likely you will be able to avoid sudden brake failure while driving your vehicle.

    The experts and skilled technicians at European Service Center are here to help with all of our customer’s needs. We service owners of European Vehicles in Alpharetta, Chamblee, Cumming, Norcross, Dunwoody, Buckhead, Roswell, and Atlanta, GA. We look forward to having the opportunity to repair your Aston Martin. Call us or stop in today!