How To Check For Oil Leaks In Your Land Rover In Atlanta
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  • How To Check For Oil Leaks In Your Land Rover In Atlanta

    Posted on February 21, 2021 by europeanseradmin
    Land Rover Oil Light

    Land Rovers represent luxury and are known for their durability and endurance. Although they are one of the world’s most premiere brands, they still have issues that can cause your vehicle to become unreliable and unsafe to drive. One of those issues that you should keep an eye out for is an oil leak.

    Causes of an Oil Leak

    One of the most common problems we encounter with the Land Rover is an oil leak. The main reason for an oil leak is a damaged valve cover gasket, a defective valve cover, or the oil pan itself.

    Damaged valve cover gasket

    Valve cover gaskets are made from either cork or rubber. They can be damaged on the sides and can crack or become brittle. They are an important part of your engine whose function is to keep oil and debris out.

    Defective valve cover

    Valve covers can be made from metal or plastic. The cover protects the valve train and camshaft(s). It protects the cylinder head from dirt and debris and keeps oil from leaking into the engine compartment. These covers can crack and need to be replaced before additional damage is incurred.

    Oil pan

    The most common source of an oil leak is the oil pan. This can be due to a misaligned, worn, or stripped drain plug. Most times you will notice the leak after you have the vehicle serviced. If the plug isn’t tightened enough it can come loose. Also, if it is tightened too tight it can damage the pan.

    Symptoms of an Oil Leak

    Have you noticed a greasy stain under your car, a burning smell, smoke coming from your engine, or is the oil light on? These are all common signs of an oil leak. An oil leak should never be ignored. Putting off fixing your oil leak can lead to even bigger problems and higher service bills.

    Greasy stain under your car

    A brown or yellowish puddle can indicate that you have an oil leak. If you have your own dedicated parking space it is easier to tell if the leak is coming from your vehicle. If you don’t have your own space, put down a piece of cardboard after you park and you can then easily tell if the leak is coming from your vehicle.

    A burning smell

    If you have a burning smell, this is caused from the oil leaking onto your engine. You may also hear a sizzling sound.

    Smoke coming from your engine

    Smoke can form when oil drips onto the exhaust manifold. This can end up damaging your oxygen sensors and gaskets.

    Oil light is on

    If your oil pressure is low, this will trigger your oil light on your dashboard. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a leak, but it is a cause for concern and should be addressed quickly.

    Engine is overheating

    It is critical that you have the correct amount of oil. The engine oil is essential in regulating the engine’s temperature. It also lubricates the pistons so that they glide smoothly. If there isn’t proper lubrication, the pistons will rub against other parts of the engine and create excess heat.

    Engine is running rough

    If your oil leaks into the spark plug galley it can cause a misfire, causing your engine to run rough. If this issue continues, it can cause a fire.

    Preventing Oil Leaks

    The key to preventing oil leaks is to stay current on proper maintenance by following the recommended servicing schedule from your vehicle’s manufacturer. Keeping your oil and filter changed regularly is the most important thing that you can do.

    Land Rover Oil Filling

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