How Unsafe Is It To Drive Your VW With a Rear Broken Spring in Houston?
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  • How Unsafe Is It To Drive Your VW With a Rear Broken Spring in Houston?

    Posted on January 24, 2021 by europeanseradmin
    Volkswagen Rear Spring

    Your Volkswagen’s suspension is there to not only keep things comfortable for you while driving, but it also is what controls your car’s weight transfer when turning, accelerating, braking, etc. If your VW has a rear broken spring, you are at a higher risk for an accident. But just how unsafe is it to drive your VW with a broken rear spring and suspension?

    Suspension issues are somewhat common, but that does not mean they are something to overlook; rather, cautious drivers should be aware of the risks, warning signs and preventative actions they can take to avoid breaking their VW’s rear spring or otherwise damaging the suspension.

    This article is going to explain just how dangerous it is to drive with a broken rear spring, but first, let’s understand what the rear spring is.

    Function of the Rear Spring

    The rear spring in your VW is part of its suspension system. The basic purpose of the suspension system is to prevent the body of the vehicle from hitting the ground and to keep the tires in contact with the road.

    The springs on your back wheels will look different depending on whether your VW model is a front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. If your car’s rear wheels take power from the engine, the rear spring also assists in handling the transfer or engine torque. In both front and rear-wheel drive vehicles, the spring helps smooth out your drive, giving you that recognizable, effortless Volkswagen feel.

    In addition to this though, the suspension system must also help with the shifting of weight that occurs when you stop or accelerate your car. The multi-thousand pound car you are driving wants to continue in the same direction it was going, and when speeding up or slowing down, the suspension system is supposed to help make the shifting of weight more gradual rather than abrupt.

    The rear spring plays a critical role in the functioning of the suspension system in your VW.

    Effect on Other Parts of the Vehicle

    If the rear spring breaks or becomes faulty, the effect of its failure will be felt throughout the rest of the vehicle. At first, perhaps you may notice that things will become bumpier and the ride is significantly less smooth than is typical.

    After a few miles, the broken rear spring will make pronounced effects on other parts of your vehicle and can cause serious damage.


    Your car’s struts are another main component of its suspension system. The struts are responsible for keeping the car off the road. A worn down strut due to a broken rear spring may make your vehicle bounce up and down when driving.


    Steering may become more difficult when you have a rear broken spring due to the shifting weight and unpredictable bouncing and jerking movements.


    You’ll get flat tires. Once a rear spring has broken, your VW’s tires will absorb the weight that was once absorbed by the spring. Tires aren’t meant to handle this much weight.

    The Danger of Driving With Broken Rear Spring

    A broken spring is a serious problem. If you drive slowly and cautiously, though, you will most likely be fine for a short period of time. But this is a very temporary solution; spend that time driving to a professional mechanic shop if you are wise.

    The flat tires that will result from the broken spring are dangerous on their own, and driving with a flat is a perfect way to ruin your car. In addition, the reduced control you will have is not only uncomfortable, but it will put you in more dangerous situations. It’s highly advised that you get your VW’s broken rear springs fixed right away.

    Volkswagen Rear Spring Inspection

    European Service Center in Houston Can Repair Your VW’s Suspension

    A broken spring is not something anyone wants to deal with, but if you need this repair, you need to get it done right. European Service Center in Houston is the best independent repair shop for your VW because we specialize in them. We’ll get it right the first time.

    Regular servicing is the best way to prevent all of the problems that may plague your vehicle, and we are proud to offer a wide variety of services, from a simple oil change to a full suspension repair. If you have any questions or would like to talk with one of our friendly staff members, give us a call or visit our shop anytime.