If Your Land Rover's Sunroof is Leaking, Consult Us in Atlanta
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  • If Your Land Rover’s Sunroof is Leaking, Consult Us in Atlanta

    Posted on December 26, 2021 by europeanseradmin
    Land Rover Sunroof

    The excellent performance delivery by European vehicles does not absolve their moving parts from becoming defective. While a leaking sunroof may seem harmless, it should never be left unattended because it can cause many types of damage to your vehicle. Apart from drenching your vehicle’s interior cabin, it can cause mold that pose serious health concerns. It can also cause your vehicle to rust. Worse, when leaks get to electronic components, they can get damaged and malfunction, rendering your digital dashboard, radio, and electronic controls useless. A leaking sunroof should be attended to immediately before the damage extends to other parts of the vehicle.

    Causes of a Leaking Sunroof

    A leaking sunroof may be caused by the following:

    • Loose Rubber Edges: The rubber edges, commonly called the sealing strip, are placed around the car’s doors and windows to make it waterproof, soundproof, windproof, etc. These rubber edges also make your Land Rover The sunroof starts to leak once the rubber edges loosen or gets damaged due to natural wear and tear, causing discomfort to the driver and further damaging the car.
    • Damaged Obstructed Drains: Most drivers aren’t aware that their sunroofs have drains. The drains collect water that moves through the tube to drain on the ground. Sometimes, the tubes can collect small pebbles, twigs, or dust, accumulating and obstructing the drain. When the water on the sunroof cannot be drained away, it forms a water pool that eventually drips into your car, usually in the floorboards.
    • User Error: Operating the sunroof of a Land Rover can either be manually operated through buttons or digitally operated depending on the model of your Land Rover. Sometimes, in the process of trying to operate the sunroof, the driver may fail to close them properly, causing water to drip into your vehicle.

    Symptoms of a Leaking Sunroof

    Here are some signs you might notice when your sunroof is leaking:

    • Musty Smell and Apparent Mold Spores: A leaking sunroof will leave your vehicle with a damp smell when the car is not properly aired. In some extreme cases, you may notice mold spores, and this usually poses serious health concerns. You should visit a mechanic to get your vehicle examined to detect the leakage because sometimes, the sunroof isn’t always the cause of the leakage.
    • Sunroof is Leaking Air: While in motion, you may notice that your Land Rover is leaking air. This is because the rubber edges around the sunroof, which makes them waterproof, is also responsible for making them windproof. When the rubber edges fail, it is no longer windproof, which explains the air leakage. You will begin to hear the noise of air rushing by the vehicle. Air leaks can also affect the cabin’s temperature, allowing hot summer air inside or a cold winter chill to permeate the interior.
    • Sunroof Malfunction: A leaking sunroof in your Land Rover may cause the motor to malfunction. When the sunroof starts to malfunction, you may not be able to open or close the sunroof with ease. And this can put you in a difficult situation during the rain or inclimate weather, and it also becomes a security problem when your items inside the car are exposed to theft.

    Although a leaking sunroof may not necessarily seem like a cause for alarm, you should know that it could cause damage to other vehicle parts.

    European Service Center Will Help

    Finding the right shop to fix a leaking sunroof should never be a problem. At European Service Center, we have shops throughout the Atlanta, Dallas and Houston areas, and each location offers drivers high-quality Land Rover services and repairs.

    Land Rover Sunroof Leak Repair

    European Service Center has grown to be the largest European auto service company in the United States. All our locations throughout the U.S are equipped with the latest available tools and diagnostic equipment as well as factory trained and certified mechanics.

    Whether you need repair, replacement, or maintenance, European Service Center provides quality auto service and repairs to residents that live in Georgia and Texas. If you encounter a leaking sunroof in your Land Rover and reside in Alpharetta, Chamblee, Norcross, Dunwoody, Buckhead, Roswell, or Atlanta, GA, please call or visit our shop today to have one of our expert mechanics examine the issue.