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  • Jaguar Air Conditioning System Servicing

    Posted on July 31, 2018 by europeanseradmin

    The air conditioning system in cars is a great gift that keeps on giving. With summertime comes higher temperatures and when things get hot, you rely on your A/C system to help cool things down.

    Detecting A Faulty Air Conditioning System

    When the A/C system fails it can leave you in great discomfort, especially during those hot summer days. Just like any other system, the A/C system can become faulty and may cease to function properly. Sometimes, the Jaguar A/C system may not be as cold as you would like it to be even when dialed down to the lowest possible setting. Sometimes, you may hear noises when your air conditioning system is turned on, other times the controls may not work period. If you notice any issues with your car’s cooling system, you should bring it in for diagnosis and possible repair.

    What Your Jaguar Air Conditioning System Needs

    A lot of the time, all your car needs could be a routine maintenance and service for the A/C to run properly, just like in the Jaguar A/C system below. Other times, there could be a bigger problem arising from a failing or damaged A/C system component such as the compressor, the radiator, the cooler matrix, air blowers etc. Either way, our mechanics will repair or replace what is failing or has been damaged.

    From leak checks to vacuum testing, there are a series of diagnostic tests we will perform on your A/C system to fix the problem and restore your cooling system. Our goal is to ensure you’re A/C system works perfectly all year around.


    Whatever your car problem might be, you can trust us at European Service Centre to get it fixed just like one of our professionals in the video below.