Know When to Replace Your MINI's Motor Mount in Houston
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  • Know When to Replace Your MINI’s Motor Mount in Houston

    Posted on April 6, 2021 by europeanseradmin
    MINI Bad Motor Mount

    Motor mounts, also called engine mounts, are crucial for keeping your MINI‘s engine and transmission securely attached to the subframe. These parts also help absorb shock as the motor vibrates under normal operation.

    5 Things That Can Cause Motor Mounts to Go Bad

    There are a number of things that can cause your motor mounts to deteriorate but listed here are the 5 most common causes:

    • Faulty Installation: Proper operation of your engine depends on motor mounts that have been properly installed or replaced. Having that mechanic buddy of yours replace your motor mounts might save you a few bucks but if not done correctly, your motor and any nearby parts could be subjected to unnecessary damage. Save yourself the headache and take your MINI to a reputable and qualified service center.
    • Normal Aging: Just like every other part on your MINI, normal wear and tear takes a toll on motor mounts. Over time, the rubber casing can begin to deteriorate and break down, allowing fluids to leak out and the engine to begin moving about.
    • Style of Driving: Most Mini Coopers come with manual transmission and the way that you drive yours could have a huge impact on how well your motor mounts hold up. Slamming gears, over-revving, and driving roughly could break down your motor mounts much quicker.
    • Accidents: A lot of people don’t realize that even the smallest accident can cause quite a jolt to the motor. What seems like a little ding can actually create a massive shift in momentum under the hood, leaving your motor mounts with a crack. If purchasing your vehicle, make sure you ask about any history of accidents. If the vehicle does have a history, then you may want to get it inspected at a reputable service center just to be on the safe side.
    • Fluid Leaks: If there is any oil or other fluids leaking onto your motor mounts, the rubber on the mounts may begin to break down over time. Without these rubber casings, you may end up with motor mounts going bad. If you notice any oil or other fluids leaking, it’s important to have your Mini Cooper inspected by a qualified service center right away to avoid any future mechanical failures.

    5 Signs That Your Motor Mounts Need to be Replaced

    If the motor mounts on your Mini Cooper are failing, you may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

    • Loud and/or Strange Noises: The most common sign that your motor mounts are failing is strange sounds coming from your engine. Failing motor mounts may cause the vibrating engine to make thumping, rumbling, clunking, or other strange sounds as the engine taps against neighboring parts. If you hear any new noises, have a reputable mechanic take a look under the hood right away.
    • Excessive Vibration: If the motor mounts are not doing their job to keep the motor securely in place, the rumbling will most likely cause a very noticeable vibration. The vibration could be strong enough that you would certainly feel it while driving your MINI.
    • Engine Has Moved: Failing motor mounts could mean that your engine is no longer held securely into place. If this happens, you may actually be able to see that your engine has moved. This is most commonly noticed as a slight rotation towards one of the sides. If you can visibly see that the engine has tilted or shifted, you should stop driving it immediately and tow it directly to our certified European auto repair center.
    • Broken Hoses and/or Belts: As previously mentioned, bad motor mounts mean your motor may not be held very securely into place. A motor that is vibrating around could be knocking off of any nearby belts or hoses.
    • External Damage to Engine: You may be able to detect signs of failing motor mounts with a quick visual check of the engine. If you notice any damage to the outside of your motor, this may be a sign that the mounts are not holding it securely into place and it could be bouncing off of nearby components.

    MINI Motor Mount Installation

    Where to Have Your Mini Motor Mount Replaced in the Houston Area

    If you live in the Houston, Alpharetta, Chamblee, Norcross, Dunwoody, Buckhead, Roswell, or Atlanta, GA area, there is one service center that rises above the rest and that is European Service Center. Don’t wait. Trust your instincts and take care of failing motor mounts right away. Call us today to make a convenient appointment.