Malfunctions In Car’s Electrical System and Its Repair (Flood Issues)
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  • Malfunctions In Car’s Electrical System and Its Repair (Flood Issues)

    Posted on August 3, 2018 by europeanseradmin

    The impact flood water has on car’s electrical system is disastrous. Flood waters can contain harmful debris, salt, metals, acid, and silt. Each has different ways it can hamper the functionality of the electrical system. One example would be ocean water which contains salt and will quickly corrode an electrical system. Running your vehicle after experiencing a flood event without taking precautionary measures is both dangerous and costly.

    This article will sensitize you on the certain malfunctions in the electrical system, and it repairs measure after flood damage.

    Electrical Distribution System

    The fuse and the circuit breakers serve as protection for the distribution and are enclosed in a molded case. Flood waters making their way into these enclosed materials will cause corrosion or loss of lubricant and premature failure. Bear in mind that salt water does far more damage to cars than fresh water. Once flooded, these materials get a reduction in their dielectric insulation of other internal components. What mode of repairs should you adopt for this component?

    Mode of Repair

    If buying a flood damaged car, keep in mind flood damage may not surface for months or even years. Taking a vivid look at the insulation can help to determine if there is any damage to the distribution system. A necessary resistant test work can help to ascertain if the insulated material is wet.  You can try to use an air blower to purge out the water from the system. Some insulating material such as porcelain is designed not to absorb water.

     Malfunctions in Car’s Electrical System

    The electrical part of a car is most vulnerable to flood waters. Generally, moisture will cause the following parts of the car to malfunction.

    • electrical control unit
    • air conditioning system
    • audio systems
    • power door, power window, moonroof, and power seats
    • headlights, wipers, brake lights, blinkers etc.

    Mode of Repair

    Ensure all plugs and electrical connections are dried out thoroughly. If you notice that any of the components mentioned above are not working, you have an electrical failure.


    Ensure you put in place measures that will prevent high-impact of a flood that will damage your household appliances and vehicles. Pay special attention to government warnings about staying indoors and quite possibly moving to higher ground during a deluge. Should your vehicle be caught in such a situation do stop by today and let our one of our expert mechanics help! It is our guarantee you will drive out with a smile.