Maserati Camshaft Variator Service by Reputable Car-Geeks in Atlanta
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  • Maserati Camshaft Variator Service by Reputable Car-Geeks in Atlanta

    Posted on May 14, 2021 by europeanseradmin
    Maserati Engine Misfire

    Maserati vehicles are some of the most renowned automobiles in the world. Known for their style, class, and performance, these sleek cars are certainly leaders on the high end of luxury. Camshaft variators in Maserati cars are part of a larger system that optimizes many aspects of vehicle function. In Maseratis, this system is distinctive from other types of cars and requires special attention and care.

    The Variable Valve Timing System and the Camshaft Variator

    The camshaft variator is an integral part of the variable valve timing system, abbreviated as VVTS. The VVTS is an internal system that varies the valve opening of an internal combustion engine. It alters the valve lift’s timing which results in better gas mileage, lower carbon emissions, and higher performance.

    If this complex system fails, the problem is often traced back to variator failure. This can require removal and replacement of the camshaft variator to remedy the issue, which can be complicated and sometimes expensive, depending on where you go for help.

    Common Signs of Camshaft Variator Problems

    There are a few different warning signs of issues with the variable valve timing system. Since the system’s parts are so interconnected, however, it can be difficult to diagnose the exact problem judging by symptoms alone.

    It’s important to keep track of your vehicle’s symptoms in order to give a licensed mechanic a clearer idea of what is going on with your Maserati. The following warning signs are common indicators of camshaft variator problems:

    Symptoms in Depth

    The check engine light will usually illuminate with any problem within your Maserati’s engine. After taking your vehicle into a repair shop, a Maserati technician will be able to further investigate the problem.

    If the variable valve timing system is failing, engine misfiring will often occur. Rough idling is common as well. This can be quite alarming in a car like a Maserati, as drivers are used to a smooth ride. If you find your engine is misfiring, there’s definitely a problem that a technician needs to address.

    Though Maseratis do not have the best gas mileage, it is still a cause for concern if you find your vehicle going shorter distances between fuelings. This issue can often relate to the VVTS as one of the system’s functions is to optimize fuel efficiency.

    Though the above symptoms are likely indicators of a failing variable valve timing system or camshaft variator, the issues can also relate to other problems with your vehicle. A malfunctioning sensor is one of the more harmless, for example.

    Repair of Your Maserati’s Camshaft Variator

    Removing and replacing your camshaft variator can be complicated and expensive. Prices vary from shop to shop, and dealerships are often the most expensive places to service your Maserati.

    When encountering issues with the vital variable valve timing system and camshaft variator, it’s important to take your beloved Maserati to a repair location you can trust. Once trusted with your vehicle’s care, a licensed Maserati specialist will perform a complete diagnostic test of your variable valve timing system to diagnose the exact problem and advise you of any necessary repairs. You and your technician can then develop a plan that suits your budget and needs.

    European Service Center for Your Maserati

    European Service Center is a full-service automotive repair shop servicing the finest European vehicles, including the stylish Maserati. Our location in Atlanta, Georgia, is home to our team of ASE certified mechanics who specialize in these types of variable valve timing system problems in your Maserati.

    Maserati Camshaft Variator Service

    European Service Center provides Maserati assistance and repair to many of the areas surrounding Atlanta, including Alpharetta, Chamblee, Norcross, Dunwoody, Buckhead, and Roswell.

    Experience the best dealership alternative for your Maserati at European Service Center. Complete with great service, quality care, and quick turnarounds, our repair center guarantees satisfaction with your car’s performance and function following services. Head over to European Service Center to fix up your Maserati today. Call us or stop by to set up a convenient appointment. We look forward to earning your business.