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  • Maybach Air Conditioning System Servicing

    Posted on July 9, 2018 by europeanseradmin

    When people think of Maybach, they think of sophistication, a reputation the brand very much deserves. Nevertheless, at times your Maybach may malfunction and will need some repair services to get back on track. One of such malfunctions could be a failing Maybach air conditioning system.

    The Maybach Air Conditioning

    The air conditioning system of your vehicle is responsible for regulating the temperature within the passenger’s cabin by removing the hot air in the vehicle to replace it with cold air such that the temperature setting is at a considerably lower level. Air Conditioning is also responsible for removing moisture from your car, making it less damp and much more comfortable. In humid conditions, the system pulls the water vapor or frost from the windshield effectively improving visibility for the driver.

    The system is composed of several components including the condenser, compressor, evaporator, metering device, hoses and a gas that circulates around the system called the refrigerant. The comfort and value of the air conditioning system cannot be underestimated.

    Signs of a Failing Maybach Air Conditioning

    The most obvious sign of a malfunctioning air conditioning system is a weak or total absence of cold airflow within the passenger compartment. Sometimes, there may be a regular flow of cold air but the air conditioning is unable to regulate the air to the desired temperature. Other times, the system may start out cold only to fail and regulate warm air after a while. Additionally, if there is an unusual smell coming from the AC vents whenever you turn on your AC, there’s probably a leak somewhere within the system, allowing water to get in and mix with the refrigerant. The mixture of water and refrigerant is a corrosive acid which might as well be the end of your system if it is not addressed immediately.

    Fixing a Failed Maybach Air Conditioning system

    There are several reasons why the air conditioning system of your Maybach would fail. Such reasons include; low refrigerant levels caused by a leak in the system, worn out or damaged components like a faulty compressor, lose hose and seals, clogged or moldy evaporator core, electrical problems such as a blown fuse and a failed switch. As such, when you bring in your vehicle with a failed air conditioning system, we will first examine and test the system to pinpoint the original point of failure.

    If the malfunction is a result of a damaged component, we will repair or replace the faulty components depending on the damages. We will also check the system for leaks and top off the refrigerant levels if required. After repairs, we will test run the system to ensure that the air conditioning is back to proper operation. You may not realize the usefulness of your air conditioning system until it is faulty, but you can always prevent such less than ideal occurrences by ensuring that your air conditioning system is routinely serviced.