Mercedes Timing Belt, Water Pump Replacement
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  • Mercedes Timing Belt, Water Pump Replacement

    Posted on July 2, 2018 by europeanseradmin

    Mercedes Timing Belt, Water Pump Replacement

    The Mercedes-Benz brand is known for their large, reliable and comfortable luxury cars. That, however, doesn’t matter when your Mercedes-Benz has a faulty timing belt and water pump especially when it is the Mercedes timing belt, water pump replacement.

    Purpose of the Timing Belt

    The timing belt is a rubber belt with steel reinforcements located behind the drive belts, deep within the engine compartments. The main function of the timing belt is to keep the engine’s camshaft in sync with the crankshaft. This synchronization is what keeps the engine in time and allows it to function properly and efficiently. If the timing belt wears out or is somehow misaligned, the engine of your Mercedes-Benz is likely to malfunction.

    Purpose of the Water Pump

    The water pump is an integral part of the engine cooling system responsible for circulating coolant through the system. The coolant moves through the engine absorbing the heat generated by the combustion process to prevent the system from overheating, expelling the heat into the environment through the radiator. The impeller blades of the water pump are driven by the crankshaft which is in turn driven by the timing belt. Thus, a malfunctioning timing belt means a failed water pump. On the other hand, a bad water pump also spells trouble for the timing belt.

    Signs of a Timing Belt and Water Pump Failure

    If you experience engine misfiring or stalling, rough idling, cranking noises from the engine compartment when the car is running and an illuminated check engine light, then you may have a timing belt problem on your hands. A bad water pump means that no coolant is being circulated around the engine, which in turn renders the cooling system inefficient. If the cooling system is down, your engine could overheat. Thus, the most prominent sign of a bad water pump is overheating. Sometimes, depending on the cause of the damage, the water pump may become noisy and leak coolant. If you notice any of these signs with your Mercedes-Benz, then a visit to the mechanic is a necessity.

    Fixing A Faulty Mercedes Timing Belt and Water Pump Replacement Issues

    Before we proceed with repairs on your vehicle, we will carry out diagnostic tests and a visual inspection to ensure that the timing belt or water pump is actually the problem. After diagnosis, we can proceed with the repairs. The best repair services for a faulty timing belt and water pump is a replacement. We always recommend a double replacement for both components, mainly because of how labor intensive the replacement is. Both components are located tight inside the engine and a replacement world require taking out several other engine components just to get to this part. So it is best if the replacement of both components goes hand in hand, it is labor and cost-effective and moreover, a damage to either component is also directly detrimental to the other.

    Also, make a habit out of getting your car serviced regularly with our top Mercedes service center professionals. Routine maintenance with the inclusion of coolant change at specific intervals will help keep the cooling system free from contamination allowing the car to function at its full capacity especially your Mercedes timing belt, water pump replacement issues.