Mini Cooper Transmission Diagnostics and Repairs
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  • Mini Cooper Transmission Diagnostics and Repairs

    Posted on July 7, 2018 by europeanseradmin

    Mini Cooper

    The Mini, just like the name suggests is a sporty and compact automobile. The most popular model of the Mini brand is perhaps the Mini Cooper, well known across the automotive industry. However, this model has one major flaw; the computer controlled automatic Mini Cooper transmission, one of the most frequently reported problems among Mini owners.

    The automatic transmission

    The transmission is a mechanical component of the powertrain responsible for transmitting energy from the engine to the car wheels. The transmission is essentially the gearbox of your Mini. The car uses an automatic transmission which automatically changes gears without the driver’s input. This type of transmission uses no clutch pedal or gear shift as seen in their manual counterpart. The automatic transmission is made up of the hydraulic system, the computer control system, torque converter and gear sets. Albeit a bit more complex in its operation than other systems, the transmission is an integral part of your Mini Cooper’s drivetrain.

    Common symptoms of a failing transmission

    Signs of a failing transmission can range from comparatively subtle signs like an illuminated Check Engine Light and transmission lights to more serious signs like the abnormal and erratic bumping of the vehicle, delayed and difficult shifting of gears etc. Leaking transmission fluid is also a warning sign of a damage in the system which enables the fluid to leak out of its containment. These signs are often a result of damages within the system such as wear and tear of the mechanical components propelled by friction and excessive use. Left unresolved, transmission problems could progress into much more serious issues affecting the engine and other systems of your Mini Cooper.

    Fixing a failing transmission

    Before we begin repair services on your transmission, we will test drive your car and carry out some diagnostic tests to rule out problems with other components of the drivetrain or the engine. Because the Mini Cooper model has a transmission with a flawed engineering design, in our repair services, we often rebuild the entire transmission to an improved standard or replace the damaged components with re-manufactured parts. The automatic transmission comes within an upgradeable software program. If needed we will upgrade the software before proceeding with repairs.

    Keeping your Mini Cooper on a routine preventative maintenance schedule is one way of maintaining your transmission. Regular servicing often involves inspection, draining and topping off the transmission fluid. The draining helps to flush the system and while it may not resolve already existing problems, it will help ensure you Mini Cooper remains reliable and safe for use.