Mini Exhaust System Repair Services
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  • Mini Exhaust System Repair Services

    Posted on July 9, 2018 by europeanseradmin

    Mini Exhaust System

    Let’s take you through the Mini exhaust system!!

    If your idea of the perfect car is a small, quick and fun automobile, then a Mini would be ideal for you. As an added advantage, since BMW took over the brand in 2000, Mini Cars are manufactured to the same standards as other cars under the BMW umbrella. So whether you own a Mini Cooper, a Mini convertible or any other model of the Mini, you can be assured you are getting the best of automobiles, in a compact package.

    We all know it is important to get your engine regularly serviced, however, an often overlooked yet crucial component of this vehicle that equally deserves regular maintenance and servicing is the Mini exhaust system.

    The Mini Exhaust System

    Though a large part of the system is concealed, the exhaust system begins behind the engine and runs the length of the car through to the external tailpipe. The exhaust system is made up of various components. Including the muffler which helps to minimize the noise created by the engine. The exhaust manifolds, responsible for channeling emissions from the engine to the converter. The catalytic converter, which treats the harmful gases such that the final by-products are substantially less toxic and then the tailpipe, the external component through which the gases are released into the environment. These components are all designed to maximize the efficiency of the exhaust system and by extension, your vehicle.

    Signs and Symptoms of a faulty Exhaust System

    A malfunctioning exhaust system can reduce the performance of your vehicle, a decrease in operating efficiency which is bound to give off indicators of faults in the system. If you have a fault in your exhaust system, you may notice a decrease in fuel economy alongside an illuminated check engine light, a warning sign of engine trouble. Damaged mufflers will be unable to cancel out the noise from the engine, thus you may experience noisier than usual drives. Sometimes, you may hear rattling noises from the engine, due to broken or failed hangars.

    A failing exhaust system may leak toxic emissions into the vehicle. If you smell exhaust fumes inside the car, roll down your windows and get to the nearest auto repair shop. Exhaust gases, especially carbon monoxide are poisonous and the longer you drive with a leak, the more dangerous it gets for you and your family. European Service Center offers 24/7 Towing services!

    Fixing A Damaged Mini Exhaust System

    A faulty exhaust system is a safety hazard to the driver, other drivers on the road and to the environment at large. In fixing a damaged exhaust system, we will carry out an inspection of the system to determine the faulty component behind the malfunction. The damaged component – catalytic converter, muffler, resonator, exhaust manifold, oxygen sensors etc., will be replaced to enhance the efficiency of the exhaust system.

    Do not wait for your car to display signs of failure before you consider servicing it. Not only is it inconveniencing, it is less economical than preventive maintenance. Regular scheduled maintenance and servicing of your Mini’s exhaust system will save you a lot of frustrations down the road.