Porsche 987 Boxster Convertible Top Malfunction
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  • Porsche 987 Boxster Convertible Top Malfunction

    Posted on July 27, 2018 by europeanseradmin

    Porsches are high-performance luxury cars known for their speed, comfort, and durability. They are designed in various models one of such being the Porsche 987 Boxster. The luxury roadster is a compact convertible sports car, one of the classic Porsche models. However, if you own a 987 Boxster, then you should know that the convertible top of your automobile is prone to malfunction.

    About The Porsche 987

    The Porsche 987 has a convertible top and like with every mechanical component of a car, frequent use exposes the part to stress and strain, which could cause it to malfunction or become less efficient after a while. The convertible top is designed in such a way that the tucking and folding of the roof are driven by a gear mechanism enabled by a motor system connected to two cables to raise the convertible top. Now, if the top is not opening and closing as efficiently as it is designed to, it is most likely because the joined components are worn out or damaged and may need replacement.

    How To Detect A Porsche 987 Boxster Convertible Top Malfunction

    In this case of a malfunctioning 987 Boxster convertible top, the faulty component is the transmission. While the convertible top was still opening and closing, as usual, it was accompanied with a clanking noise, a warning sign that the gear of the transmission is damaged. Our inspection revealed that the gear, attached to the transmission was indeed broken into a couple of pieces and was missing some teeth. The missing teeth in the gear were responsible for the clanking noise every time the roof was opened or close.

    How To Fix It

    Here, considering the fact that the transmission itself is still in good condition, we will simply replace the damaged gear with a new one and everything will be as good new. The gear replacement is more cost effective and time saving compared to a total replacement of the transmission which is a far more expensive as the original transmission alone manufactured by Porsche goes for about $900 and can take about three to four hours to fix. The replacement parts are readily available and your convertible top can return to opening and closing efficiently in no time.

    Here is a video tutorial on the repair.