Reasons Behind Drivetrain Problems in a Mercedes From Best Repair Shop in Dallas
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  • Reasons Behind Drivetrain Problems in a Mercedes From Best Repair Shop in Dallas

    Posted on September 13, 2019 by europeanseradmin
    Mercedes Driveshaft

    A drivetrain is a group of components located in your vehicle that transfer power created by the transmission to the wheels, enabling your Mercedes to move forward. These components include the axle shafts, U-joints, CV-joints, differentials, and driveshaft. The vehicles of today commonly possess one of four various drivetrains. These include front wheel drive (FWD), all wheel drive (AWD), rear wheel drive (RWD) and four wheel drive (4WD).

    Most Mercedes models feature either all wheel drive or front wheel drive systems. FWD means that the drivetrain is located in the front of the car. This option works well for those who drive mainly on paved highways, and it normally provides better gas mileage than the alternatives. AWD allows power to be distributed to all four wheels, making it the best option for traveling on rough terrain or driving on snow or ice.

    Common Signs of A Bad Drivetrain

    Issues While Turning

    If you notice issues while trying to turn your vehicle, you could be experiencing a faulty driveshaft. When this component begins to fail, the wheels can become less responsive. This causes a dangerous driving situation for you, your passengers, and those around you.

    Vehicle Bucks When You Accelerate

    When you accelerate, your car should move forward smoothly. If it shudders or bucks, you may have a bad center bearing or loose U-joint. This too can cause hazardous driving conditions.

    Vibrations from Under the Vehicle

    One of the most common signs of a failing drivetrain can be extreme shaking coming from under your car. This is normally the result of loose U-joints which cause the intense vibrations.

    Irregular or Unusual Noises

    Noises such as thuds, squeaks, or clunks can indicate a bad drivetrain. The system may simply require lubrication. Conversely, there can be a more serious problem. An expert mechanic can inspect your Mercedes and determine the exact plan of action.

    Leaking Transmission Fluid

    The longer your vehicle shakes, vibrates, or experiences other drivetrain issues, the greater the risk of long term damage to the transmission. Driveshaft issues can lead to leaking transmission fluid. This can wreak havoc on the overall operation of your car.

    Lack of Movement

    If your drivetrain fails, your vehicle will not move when you try to accelerate. This occurs when the drivetrain has disconnected itself from the overall transmission system. This disconnection is normally highlighted by a loud thud. When this happens, you will have no choice but to have your Mercedes towed to an auto service center for repair.

    Why do drivetrains malfunction?

    In relation to drivetrain malfunctions, there are not many things that you could do to cause such a problem. Normally, you will hear or feel the symptoms listed above before a total breakdown occurs. This will give you an opportunity to have your Mercedes inspected and repaired. If you choose to neglect the warning signs, then your drivetrain may suffer devastating consequences.

    Maintain Your Mercedes with The Best Repair Shop in Dallas

    European Service Center is committed to excellence, and we possess over 35 years of experience as well as the training and expertise to handle any drive train issues you may have with your Mercedes. We have 7 locations throughout Texas and Georgia. These include service centers in the greater Dallas and Atlanta areas. All of our convenient locations offer a wide range of services, whether it be repair, replacement, or maintenance. Previous customers have rated us the best European automobile service and repair shop in Dallas.

    Mercedes Drivetrain Issue Check

    The Mercedes line of automobiles features the latest technology and innovative engineering. Our team understands the complex systems that make your automobile amazing, and we are devoted to keeping it that way. Whether you need to schedule regular maintenance or have your potential problems diagnosed and repaired, European Service Center is here for you. We want to ensure your Mercedes has the longest life span possible, and we do that by providing unsurpassed service. We use the latest factory tools and equipment as well as offering a limited 3-year/36,000 mile warranty. If you want to feel confident in the care of your automobile, contact our mechanics today.