Reasons Behind Infotainment System Failure in Land Rovers From Certified Mechanics in Houston
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  • Reasons Behind Infotainment System Failure in Land Rovers From Certified Mechanics in Houston

    Posted on May 19, 2020 by europeanseradmin
    Land Rover Infotainment System

    Where once they were hardworking utilitarian vehicles, Land Rovers now make the ideal motoring companion to suburban life. Land Rovers are becoming a motoring main-stay, offering style and reliable practicality for everyone from business people to soccer moms and stay-at-home dads.

    Because of this shift in purpose, Land Rover has worked hard to rebrand its entire image. The exterior of their cars have changed to match popular SUVs such as the Range Rover and G-wagon, and they’ve also taken steps to level-up the interior of their vehicles from utility to cutting-edge luxury. One of the biggest changes that Land Rover has made is the addition of an infotainment system.

    But what exactly is an infotainment system and how do you look after it? How and why does it fail? In this article, we’ll be getting to the bottom of all things information and entertainment.

    What is an Infotainment System?

    Infotainment is literally the combination of two words: information and entertainment. In motoring, it refers to a car’s complete onboard system of entertainment (such as the radio and DVD services) with information (such as satellite navigation and internet inquiries). In the early days of infotainment, this would have been an analog radio and a cassette player!

    Common features of a modern-day infotainment system include:

    • Digital radio
    • Phone integration
    • Satnav
    • Touchscreen
    • Voice command options
    • CD-Player
    • Bluetooth capabilities
    • Backup camera
    • USB ports

    In the day and age where we want convenience and features which save us time, a great infotainment system is a huge selling point for cars. Of course, an awesome infotainment system is a huge perk for any vehicle, but as with any car part, the addition of a new system also means the addition of further possibilities for failure. It also means that you have another part of your Land Rover that you need to maintain. So when purchasing a new car, spare a thought to these factors to help you decide if the vehicle in question is the right fit for you.

    Common Infotainment Issues

    As the infotainment system is an electrical system, the most common issue it will face is an electrical failure. To make the infotainment system function, a lot of cabling, wires, and components are needed. These parts are often delicate. With failure, it can set off a chain reaction that can leave you with a malfunctioning system. This is why making sure your Land Rover is properly maintained by a specialist is important.

    As with any piece of tech, there are some common glitches. Sometimes these can be comical, and you may remember in the early days of satellite navigation, having a good giggle when the satnav freaked out if you drove over a newly-constructed bridge because it thought you were driving at the bottom of a river!

    On a more serious note, while one-off glitches can be due to the quirks of technology, frequent glitches can lead to more serious issues that can affect the overall function of your Land Rover.

    We have all been guilty at times for letting maintenance standards slip, but when it comes to your infotainment system, you need to keep on the ball. Neglecting to update your Land Rover’s software as required will greatly increase the chance of infotainment issues.

    Updates are required to patch up glitches and software problems previously detected. Updates will also supply your Land Rover with the accurate, up-to-date info it needs to function, such as new route data. Failing to update can cause your system to become sluggish or operate poorly.

    Maintaining the Infotainment System at European Service Center

    As it is a very complex electrical system, there is little an owner can do to maintain your infotainment system aside from keeping on top of updates. Instead, if you find your system glitchingor failing, make sure to seek a qualified Land Rover specialist for assistance. A specialist will be able to check the system for common faults and repair any damages as well as keep your entire car in tip-top condition.

    Land Rover Driver Checking Infotainment System

    At European Service Center, we’ve provided quality service to the drivers of Alpharetta, Chamblee, Cumming, Norcross, Dunwoody, Buckhead, Roswell, and Atlanta, GA for years. We’re your local Land Rover Specialist and will always put you first, which is why we offer a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty as standard. Call our friendly customer service team today to book your first appointment.

    * Land Rover Infotainment System image credit goes to: Aleksandr Kondratov.