Reasons Behind Mass Airflow Failure in Your Mercedes Benz
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  • Reasons Behind Mass Airflow Failure in Your Mercedes Benz

    Posted on September 20, 2019 by europeanseradmin
    Mercedes-Benz C 43

    Mercedes Benz is a car manufacturer known for designing vehicles that are both extremely stylish and luxurious while also creating them to be efficient and practical. Popular with drivers year after year, Mercedes vehicles are able to offer incredible high performance which makes driving a joy.

    However, without good maintenance standards, serious parts failure can begin to occur, which can turn the joy of driving into a dangerous nightmare. One of the parts which can certainly cause such a change is the Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF). In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why this part may begin to fail and what to do about fixing it.

    Where do I find the MAF and what does it do?

    The MAF sensor looks like a black cylinder. It is usually found under the hood near the engine, and it sometimes may be attached directly to it. This part has various ports and valves which connect it to other systems within the engine. The chief job of the MAF sensor is to work with your Mercedes’ onboard computer (OBD) to ensure the correct air-to-fuel mixture is entering the engine for optimal driving conditions.

    The MAF sensor helps with this important task by measuring the airflow as it enters the engine. It does this by recording the weight and temperature of the air. Then it feeds this data to the OBD, which responds by delivering the correct amount of fuel through the fuel injectors into the engine. This helps ensure that the ignition process remains fully-functional, resulting in a vehicle that is smooth as well as fuel efficient.

    What causes the MAF sensor to fail?

    There are many reasons why your MAF sensor may fail, with the most common being contamination to the surface of the sensor. If dust or debris covers the sensor, it is unable to perform its job, and therefore, it will fail to provide the OBD with the necessary information. Contamination usually occurs over time (around every 18,000+ miles) as the MAF sensor is exposed to air flow. This can be filled with miniscule contaminants such as dust, which can build up obscure the sensor.

    To prevent this buildup, you can clean your MAF sensor yourself as part of your maintenance routine. This is simple, and even novices should be able to successfully complete this repair task. Here is the step-by-step process:

    • Turn off the engine and remove the key
    • Wait for the engine to completely cool
    • Pop the hood and locate the MAF sensor
    • Unplug the sensor
    • Remove the air intake tubing
    • Remove the sensor
    • Clean the sensor using special MAF spray
    • Reinsert it, then wait a few minutes before starting your car

    Another common issue is a contact fault between the MAF sensor and the connections it makes between the other systems of your car. This contact is electrical, and if it fails, it will prevent the MAF sensor from operating or sending the necessary information to the OBD.

    On a similar vein, failure might be due to damage to the measuring elements of the MAF sensor, leading to an inaccurate reading or no reading at all.

    The PCV valve can also cause failure of the MAF system if not properly maintained. The job of the PCV valve is to take in the air, which passes through the MAF system to be measured. Therefore, if the PCV valve is damaged or blocked, the MAFsensor will not be provided with enough air, resulting in inefficient operation of your Mercedes.

    Finally, your MAF sensor can fail due to mechanical damage. This can be caused by driving on roads with very rocky or uneven surfaces, which can cause the MAF sensor to come loose. If you have had a collision of any manner, the sensor could become dislodged or even damaged. Therefore, if you’ve been driving on dirt roads or have had hit a bump recently, it might be worthwhile to check your MAF sensor for misalignment.

    Mercedes-Benz MAF Sensor Issue Check

    European Service Center

    If you’re worried about the condition of your Mercedes’ MAF sensor, then you should seek repairs as soon as possible. European Service Center has 7 locations throughout Texas and Georgia. If you’re in the greater Atlanta or Dallas areas, we’re here to help! We know exactly what it takes to ensure your Mercedes leaves our premises performing as well as the day you drove it away from the dealership.

    * Mercedes-Benz C 43 image credit goes to: teddyleung.