Reasons Behind Timing Chain Noise in Your Mini From the Experts in Houston
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  • Reasons Behind Timing Chain Noise in Your Mini From the Experts in Houston

    Posted on November 15, 2019 by europeanseradmin
    MINI Timing Chain Noise

    Minis are well known for putting the fun back into driving. With bright colors, quirky and compact designs, and a high performance engine, hitting the road in a Mini has never been better. However, loud rattling or clunking noises can become an unwanted distraction that can turn your drive into more of a frustration than a fantasy. One such part which can cause this scenario is your Mini’s timing chain. In this article, we will take a closer look at the reasons why this part might make noise and where to go for help with it.

    What is the timing chain?

    The timing chain is also often called the timing belt and is a key part in all kinds of combustion engine. It is found in the front of your Mini and connects to pulleys and gears and turns to power the crankshaft and the camshaft. To do this properly, the timing chain has to turn smoothly around the gears, and when this happens, your Mini will be able to start and operate. At its core, the timing chain works similarly to a bicycle chain. It is one of the most hardworking parts of your car, and because of this, it is made of metal. It has a variety of links that move on toothed sprockets. These sprockets help to move the camshaft and the crankshaft as well as open and close the cylinder head valves.

    Reasons for Timing Chain Noise

    Below are the most common reasons for timing chain noise. If you notice any of these, bring your Mini into the Houston area’s experts at European Service Center:

    Time and Use

    The most common reason for timing chain noise is quite simple because it has become worn out. Wear and tear is natural as your car ages, though can of course be impacted by poor maintenance. However, even with the correct care, the part can simply reach the end of its lifespan and need replacing. Therefore, if you have a classic Mini and notice timing chain noise, this is your likely cause.

    Lack of Oil Changes

    All mechanics recommend that your engine oil is changed every 3000 to 5000 miles, in accordance with your driving habits and the recommendations of Mini themselves. Oil is essential for keeping your engine’s moving parts well-lubricated including the timing chain. Therefore, if you neglect to change your oil often, the overall quality of the engine oil will decrease, meaning that parts can become dry and even clogged due to deposits left by expired oil. When this happens, the health of your timing chain will rapidly decline.

    Incorrect Oil

    The wrong type of oil for your make and model of car can ruin the health of not just your timing chain but all of your engine’s components. Before topping up or adding any oil to your Mini, you should always consult your owner’s manual to make sure you have selected the oil with the right grade and viscosity for your Mini. Ideally, you should always invest in high-quality oil too, such as synthetic oil since, since it will have conditioners and anti-wear additives to help extend the life of the parts it lubricates. Choosing a low-grade oil or an oil with the wrong viscosity levels for your vehicle will result in accelerated part wear as well as timing chain noises.

    Failed Oil Filter

    Oil filters are designed to catch contaminants within the engine oil and prevent them from circulating through the engine system, where they can settle on moving parts and hinder their performance. A faulty filter can also impede the oil flow around the engine and should be investigated, particularly if you notice timing chain noise when starting or first driving your Mini.

    Heavy Loads

    An increased weight will cause stress on all parts of your car, including the engine and timing chain. A Mini is designed to be a family car for day-to-day use and shouldn’t be used to transport heavy loads or tow trailers. Heavy loads will cause the timing chain to wear dramatically, and noises will occur much sooner in its lifespan.

    MINI Timing Chain Noise Fix

    European Service Center

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