Replace the Serpentine Belt in Your Land Rover at the Auto Experts of Atlanta
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  • Replace the Serpentine Belt in Your Land Rover at the Auto Experts of Atlanta

    Posted on May 4, 2022 by europeanseradmin
    Land Rover Engine Overheating

    Land Rovers are renowned for being reliable for off-road use and looking classy while driving in cityscapes. Land Rovers can still experience problems as they age, such as serpentine belt wear and tear. The serpentine belt replaced the old fashioned drive and accessory belt. By rotating, the serpentine belt is able to power both the Land Rover and its accessories and features.

    The serpentine belt is a loop of strong rubber with grooves in it. It helps your Land Rover move and also powers your accessory systems like the air conditioning, power steering, the steering pump, the compressor, the air pump, and most importantly, the alternator and water pump. If the serpentine belt fails, none of these vital parts will have power, and your engine will not work either.

    Symptoms of a Failing Serpentine Belt in Your Land Rover

    • Loud Sounds in the Engine Bay: You will hear a loud, incessant squealing or squeaking sound from the belt if it is slipping or is not properly fit and aligned. There are other belts in your car that can do this as well, but when the serpentine belt breaks, it may slam around inside the engine bay, breaking other components, bringing your engine and its systems to an abrupt halt.
    • Engine overheating: Your engine’s cooling system is driven by the serpentine belt. Overheating is one of the first symptoms if your serpentine belt is not working properly. Apart from this, overheating is also a major problem that must be quickly diagnosed and treated as soon as possible by a trained and certified Land Rover mechanic. Overheating can cause even more damage that necessitates costly repairs and extra servicing to other unaffected parts of your engine.
    • Power steering and air conditioning are not functioning properly: Since the serpentine belt powers both the air conditioning and power steering systems in your car, it stands to reason that a faulty drive belt will have a negative impact on both of the systems. Nevertheless, any or both of these systems could fail for a variety of reasons, so additional problems could aid in identifying the drive belt as the source of the problem.
    • Steering: If your car is difficult to steer or if it occasionally enters limp mode, a fault or complete failure of the accessory serpentine belt may be the cause.
    • Battery issues: If the battery of your car is not charging properly, even though a battery test shows that nothing has gone wrong with the battery, the serpentine belt may be the problem. This occurs when a loosely-fitted belt will not be able to drive the alternator quickly enough for optimal functionality. As a result, the battery may not charge properly or may even lose charge, possibly leaving you stranded.
    • Obvious wear and tear on your vehicle: If you suspect that your car’s serpentine belt has developed any issues, open your car’s hood and inspect the condition of the belt. If you notice any cracking, fraying, peeling on the material, or a glossy shine and feel on the surface, you know it is worn and should be replaced.

    European Service Center for Your Land Rover

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    Land Rover Serpentine Belt Check

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