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    Posted on September 21, 2019 by europeanseradmin

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    I love My Audi A4. I really do…(I call her "D" BTW..get it? Au-D-i…get it? Nevermind..) Every time someone says "Why do you have that car? It costs sooooo much to maintain!" I say…"Sit in that seat and buckle up!" She drives like she's on air, handles like a dream and just feels awesome to drive. I don't like driving, and I drive a I should at least be comfortable while I'm doing it. And sidenote..I've NEVER owned a luxury car.

    ANYWAY..through some dummy snafu of my own making I caused my girl to get pissed. And like any girl
    when she gets mad..she gave me some serious grief! So I looked up places to get her fixed. Of all the shops
    I found this one had enough good reviews, and was close enough to my house to get "D" there. Dewey was
    very knowledgeable and helped me understand just what a clustercussI had created. He was nice about
    it..while I was thinking."Bill, you are a total dummy!!"(picture Red Foreman on That 70's Show the 100+ times he says that to his son Eric and you'll understand how I felt).