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    Posted on September 21, 2019 by europeanseradmin

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    Wow these guys are FAST. Took Audi in this morning and Dewey was super nice. He listened to me as I
    explained what I thought was wrong with the car.  I have found that being a women, most car shops, auto
    parts store geez prob even home improvements stores treat me as if I don't know anything. Ironically I
    usually know more than they do. Being the daughter of a mechanic def has its perks. Too bad my dad lives
    and works in Houston.

    Regardless, ESC is the next best thing. We had taken the Audi to another car shop and though their
    customer service was great they failed to make the appropriate diagnosis even after we had to take it back
    a second time. Plus each time it took over 5 days for us to get the car back. I did do plenty of research
    before taking it to this shop so I was more than sure I knew what was going on. If you have a foreign car
    going to guys who specialize in them makes a world of difference.