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    Posted on September 21, 2019 by europeanseradmin

    click here for full reviewNeeded some HVAC work done on my MK7 GTI.  Sent the shop a message using the form on their website,
    and received a reply the same day with a price quote  and an available time slot the next day.

    Dropped off my car and planned to come back around 5, before they closed.  Received a text message that
    my car was ready, so I wrapped up what I was working on and went to pick it up.  For the repair, they had
    to remove many pieces around the dash and the entire glove box.  Everything was put back together with
    precision — no squeaks, or rattles and all the pieces and trim lined up nice and neat.

    Ryan, the service manager was a cool dude, we shot the breeze for a bit I paid my bill and drove home with
    fully functioning HVAC.

    I have to respectfully take issue with what Chris J said in his review.    The labor estimate that you are given is certainly based on labor guide (probably Mitchell manual).  If the work is accomplished faster than the
    industry standard, I'd reason that is because of the skill and experience of the person doing the work.
     When an attorney gets more experience and skill, they charge more per hour — a Senior Partner in a law
    firm will charge much more per hour than the associate attorney that just graduated.  A repair shop doesn't
    alter the per hour charge based on which technician does the work.  So the only way the tech can be
    compensated for skill, experience and speed is with the difference between the time the industry manuals
    set for the work and the time actually spent on the work.