Rolls Royce Braking System Repair Services
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  • Rolls Royce Braking System Repair Services

    Posted on July 5, 2018 by europeanseradmin

    The Rolls Royce Braking System

    There is no experience like driving a Rolls-Royce. These cars are one of the top-rated luxury cars in the automotive industry known as the epitome of sophistication and elegance. As a luxury automobile, repair services for a malfunctioning system in the Rolls Royce is not exactly wallet-friendly which is why it is essential to pay extra attention to your car’s maintenance. One of the necessary systems that could do with such maintenance is the Rolls Royce braking system.

    The Components and Purpose of the Rolls Royce Braking System

    The braking system of your Rolls Royce is what helps you bring your car to a controlled and safe stop while driving. The motion stopping the impact of the braking system is affected by the friction between the brake rotors and the brake pads. The brakes in the Rolls Royce, especially those found in older models are powered by the ingenious yet complex hydraulic system. When there are no faults with the braking system, you can be assured of a comfortable and smooth drive. However, the slightest malfunction can compromise not just your safety but the safety of others on the road, not excluding the potentially bank-breaking costs of repair.

    Signs of a Malfunction in the Rolls Royce Braking System

    The brake rotors and pads wear out just a bit every time you apply the brakes and after covering thousands of miles, they are bound to be worn out to an extent that impairs the efficiency of your braking system. Still, before it gets to this point, your vehicle would have given off several warning signs pointing towards a malfunction in the system. Illuminated brake system indicator lights (the Rolls Royce has two brake pressure lights), brake pedal pulsation and steering wheel vibration when braking is an indicator of such warning signs. In some cases, you may hear persistent squeaking noises in your car while driving, even when your foot is not pressing down on the brake pedal. These signs are not to be ignored and you should book an appointment with the mechanic at your earliest convenience to get your car examined.

    Repair services for faulty brakes

    Repair services related to the braking system could either be simple or complex. Simple like in minor repairs such as the resealing and cleaning of leaking calipers or in replacements like in the changing of brake pads and rotors. In more severe cases, servicing may involve a total overhaul and restoration of the entire braking system – everything from the bearings to the brake hose.

    Regardless of if the malfunction is minor or complex, we will carry out a visual inspection of the brakes – rotors, pads, caliper, torque, plate and brake fluid to pinpoint the root cause of the fault. All damaged or worn out components will be replaced; the brake fluid will be topped off if required. The brake pads should not be less than 2mm in thickness and anything less will require a replacement. It is always recommended to replace the rotors and pads together as their services go hand in hand, hence we always carry out a double replacement and in pairs too. At the completion of repairs, we will perform a brake safety inspection to ensure that everything is in order, so we can get you and your Rolls Royce back on the road again.