Signs of a Failed ABS Accumulator in Jaguar From Expert Mechanics in Houston
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  • Signs of a Failed ABS Accumulator in Jaguar From Expert Mechanics in Houston

    Posted on October 23, 2020 by europeanseradmin
    Jaguar ABS Light

    For any vehicle owner, it can be a worrisome experience when something goes wrong under the hood of your car, especially when it comes to vehicles as reliable as Jaguar. Problems that emerge under the hood of your car should be taken care of as soon as they arise so as not to allow further problems to develop.

    With that in mind, any issues you notice arise with the ABS accumulator should be dealt with extremely quickly. When it comes to little known problems that may develop into further issues, a failed ABS accumulator tops the list.

    Always trust a professional to look at your car and never try to fix any problems yourself. Oftentimes, people try to fix these problems on their own and accidentally make the issue worse. Now, before diving into the signs of a failed ABS Accumulator, let’s look at what exactly this component is.

    What does an ABS accumulator do?

    The ABS accumulator is an important part of your anti-lock brake system. This system exists to help keep your vehicle stable if you must slam on the brakes. This is not always active on your Jaguar, but if you have to press down heavily on the brake pedal, you may notice that the pedal feels different and may even pulse.

    This sensation is the ABS accumulator kicking in and helping to keep the car stable, as well as allowing you to continue control over the vehicle’s wheel. Explaining this system was necessary to understanding the function of the accumulator. When the anti-lock brake system pumps down on the brake so you don’t have to, it requires pressure.

    The accumulator stores pressure passively all the time while you’re driving and holds it until the ABS system pulls it from the accumulator when necessary. Without a working accumulator, your anti-lock brake system would not be able to pump the brake for you, and coming to a quick stop may not be possible.

    Signs of a Failed ABS Accumulator

    Given the importance of the ABS accumulator, it should be apparent how necessary it is to get this component fixed. To that end, it would do you good to learn some of the common signs that are indicators of a failed ABS accumulator. Getting on top of this issue when it first emerges may help save your life or the life of passengers in your vehicle if you need to come to a sudden stop in your Jaguar:

    Lack of Response From Brake Pedal

    While the ABS accumulator’s biggest purpose takes place when you slam down on the brakes of your Jaguar, it is also responsible for the pressure you feel when pressing down on the brake pedal at all times. If your pedal now goes to the floor and back with very little resistance, it may be a large sign that your ABS accumulator has failed.

    This can be dangerous at high speeds, so if the brake is not responding, put your hazards on, and attempt to slow down naturally while getting to the side of the road.

    Loss of Traction Under Heavy Braking

    If you slam on the brakes and your car loses traction, it may be a sign that the ABS accumulator has failed. The pressure provided by the ABS accumulator helps to stabilize the car when you stop the car quickly, but when this piece fails, your vehicle may lack the traction needed to come to a stop safely.

    ABS Light Activated

    Similar to a check engine light, the ABS light may activate on your car when there is a problem with the accumulator. If this light turns on, there is certainly a reason for it. It’s best not to question why and just focus on getting your car repaired before something goes wrong.

    Jaguar ABS Module Check

    European Service Center For Your Jaguar Needs

    At European Service Center, we understand the importance of keeping your Jaguar running at its peak performance. On a car as sporty and powerful as Jaguar, having a reliable ABS system and, by extension, the accumulator is extremely important.

    Our experienced technicians can solve any issue that may arise under the hood. We have experience working with clients around Alpharetta, Chamblee, Cumming, Norcross, Dunwoody, Buckhead, Roswell, and Atlanta, GA, which means that they’ve very likely seen your problem before and can resolve it. Give us a call or come visit us today to set an appointment and see why we are the best in the business.