Steering and Suspension Systems Service and Repair
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  • Steering and Suspension Systems Service and Repair

    Posted on August 2, 2018 by europeanseradmin

    The fact that cars require constant maintenance and repairs to function at peak performance is not surprising. Owning a car in the modern-day world can be a necessity in some areas and is helpful in a lot of ways but the car owner must be proactive in the maintenance. Having a mechanic, you can trust and who specializes in the service and repair of your vehicle type. In this article, we will discuss how you can detect faults in your car steering and suspension system and how to maintain it.

    The steering and suspension system in the car is very important to the general functionality of the car as it helps you to enjoy a comfortable and stable ride while allowing you to accelerate, turn, and apply the brakes safely. It also absorbs the bumps and potholes often found in the road surface. Driving a car with a faulty steering and suspension systems is quite dangerous as it will disrupt the ability to control with ease and could ultimately lead to accidents.

    Indicators of  Faulty Steering and Suspension Systems

    The Overall Stability of The Car Is Disrupted: once there is a fault in the steering and suspension system of your car, one of the most likely symptoms you should notice is a disruption in the overall stability of your car. The car might begin to pull to one side, it may squeak during turns or one side of the car may sit higher than the other. To test for a disruption in your car’s stability, park the car on a level surface and do the bounce test on all sides of the car while paying attention to how many times it will bounce. If any side bounces more than three times, then there is likely a problem.

    The Car Ride Gets Bumpier: another symptom of a faulty steering and suspension systems is that the car ride gets bumpier than usual. This points to some wear in the components of your cars steering and suspension system, thus reducing its capacity to absorb bumps and shakes as designed.

    The Car Handling is Poor: you might notice that the handling of your car is becoming poorer as well difficult to control the car. This may be pointing to a problem in your cars steering and suspension system such as incorrect alignment of the wheel or a bad steering response and sometimes you might also notice a pull or drift when making turns with your car, accompanied by a kind of knocking sound.

    You might also notice that your car tires are wearing out in an uneven rate which isn’t supposed to be so as the tires are supposed to wear in an even rate. This too might be a symptom of a faulty steering and suspension system in your car.


    Should you notice any of these symptoms when driving, it is likely your car’s steering and suspension systems are in need of repair. Stop by European Service Center today. Our highly trained mechanics will get you back on the road once again!