The Best Garage in Dallas for Repair of Your Ferrari's Hydraulic Convertible Top
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  • The Best Garage in Dallas for Repair of Your Ferrari’s Hydraulic Convertible Top

    Posted on January 16, 2021 by europeanseradmin
    Ferrari Car

    Owning a Ferrari is a dream for many car enthusiasts. They are a status symbol and a piece of automobile history. Ferraris are an investment that can hold their value if well-maintained. When you own a convertible and drive down the road, you will turn heads. But when the convertible top has a problem that takes the fun out of road trips. Let’s look at what happens when your convertible top malfunctions.

    What are hydraulics?

    Hydraulics are used to push or lift heavy machinery. They also help generate, control, and transfer power. Pressure is applied at one point and transferred to a different area. This happens with the use of incompressible fluid, often oil.

    Common Convertible Top Problems

    Convertibles give you a sense of freedom. The fresh air increases energy and improves moods, but that satisfaction can quickly change when the top will not go up or down. The most common symptoms of hydraulic system failure include a top that is slow to open and close. When components begin to fail, the top can take too long to open or seal tightly closed. The same goes for a top that will not open. It can also be frustrating when you cannot get the top to raise back up. If the convertible top is stuck open, the weather can cause major damage to your interior and electronics.

    The hydraulic pump should be quiet. When it begins to fail, you may begin to hear strange noises. As soon as it begins to make banging or knocking noises it needs to be serviced immediately.

    In most cases, you will not know when there is a hydraulic leak. These leaks usually occur within the mechanism and are self-contained. However, in some instances, the hydraulic oil can leak out, which can tip you off for the need for repairs.

    Common Causes Of Convertible Top Hydraulic Failure in Your Ferrari

    All components can fail over time. The most common reasons for convertible top hydraulic failure are:

    • Contamination: The leading cause of hydraulic failure is water and air contamination.
    • Temperature: Extreme heat and cold can cause hydraulic failure. When the fluid is too hot, it can get thin and leak or it can get thick due to oxidation. If the fluid is under 70 degrees, it can have a hard time reaching the pump.
    • Low Fluid Level: A leak can lead to a low fluid level. When the system does not have the proper level of fluid, the performance will be impacted. This can cause damage to the components.
    • Motor/Pump Failure: When the motor or pump fails, the system will not work. A common symptom of a failing motor/pump is unusual noises. The motor/pump should work quietly.
    • Blown Fuse: Blown fuses are easy to replace. However, if the convertible top continues to blow fuses, there is another issue. Bring your Ferrari in for a diagnostic check.
    • Cylinder Failure: There are several different issues that can lead to cylinder failure.
    • Worn Parts: When components begin to wear out, they can bind. This can lead to binding and failure.

    Convertible Top Hydraulic Repair and Replacement

    Over time, convertible top hydraulic components will fail. Everyday wear and tear along with temperature changes will cause malfunctions. Taking your Ferrari to a dealership for service can get expensive. Our expert mechanics can repair your convertible top hydraulic system at a fraction of the cost they will charge you. It could be a simple fix such as a blown fuse or maybe something major like a failed cylinder. At European Service Center, we can handle all your Ferrari repair needs.

    Our Ferrari Services

    At European Service Center, we have the latest tools and equipment available to handle all your Ferrari service needs:

    • Air conditioning repairs
    • Battery replacements
    • Brake service and repairs
    • Check engine light maintenance
    • Clutch repairs
    • Cooling system
    • Diagnostic inspections
    • Electrical repairs
    • Engine repairs
    • Factory scheduled service
    • Fluid checks and changes
    • Mileage specific maintenance
    • Oil changes
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Suspension repairs
    • Tire rotations
    • Transmission repairs
    • Wheel alignments

    Ferrari Convertible Top Repair

    Schedule Your Convertible Top Service Today

    When the convertible top in your Ferrari is not working properly, it can be a major problem. If you are experiencing symptoms of hydraulic failure or need other Ferrari services, call European Service Center today. We are the #1 European experts in Alpharetta, Chamblee, Cumming, Norcross, Dunwoody, Buckhead, Roswell and Atlanta, GA area. Call us for a convenient appointment to service your Ferrari today.

    * Ferrari Car image credit goes to: DarthArt.