The Importance Of Keeping Your Fuel System Clean
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  • The Importance Of Keeping Your Fuel System Clean

    Posted on July 29, 2018 by europeanseradmin

    The fuel system is an interconnected network made up of the filter, fuel injector, and fuel pump. The filter screens out debris and rust particles, while the pump and injector push the fuel into the combustion chamber. A buildup of dirt in this system is unavoidable. So, as a car owner, you should practice regular maintenance to get rid of clogged dirt and gunk. This will ensure optimum engine performance and prevent fuel wastage.

    High mileage vehicles are more susceptible to fuel system problems and should be routinely observed for contamination. Keeping your fuel system clean will leave your car running smoothly for a long period of time.

    Your fuel should be a clear liquid, free from all forms of dirt and soot. If the fuel within your car takes on a new color different from when it was filled, then the problem obviously lies with the fuel system and not the liquid itself. The fuel filter is more likely to be soiled with dirt so special attention should be focused on this component. Usually, the filter would have to be replaced if cleaning it still causes dirt accumulation.

    How to Detect A Dirty Fuel System

    If you notice that your vehicle loses power when driving up a hill, or its fuel demand increases under heavy load, then it is a clear indicator that the fuel system needs cleaning, and the filter needs changing. The more dirt lodged in the fuel system, the harder the fuel pump works. Increased fuel mileage, difficulty starting the car and engine damage are other signs of a clogged filter.

    How the Fuel System Is Cleaned

    A clean fuel system will increase the longevity of your car and will decrease the amount of harmful emissions given off from the vehicle to the environment. A major step to cleaning the fuel system is by adding fuel system cleaner to the gas tank, the injector, the carburetor, fuel valves and the combustion chamber. All components of the fuel system are lubricated, and dirt deposits are removed from the throttle. In addition, the fuel filter must be checked or changed on a regular basis to improve fuel economy.