The Leading Repair Shop in Atlanta For Replacing the Belt Tensioner of Mercedes
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  • The Leading Repair Shop in Atlanta For Replacing the Belt Tensioner of Mercedes

    Posted on October 30, 2020 by europeanseradmin
    Mercedes Car

    To ensure the longevity of a car as reliable and powerful as Mercedes, periodic trips to a service shop are necessary anytime problems may arise. While most problems that may arise under the hood aren’t extremely damaging to your vehicle, there are some problems that may come up which require immediate attention.

    On that note, any issues that arise with the belt tensioner of your Mercedes should be handled as soon as possible. This is a problem that could theoretically cause numerous additional problems given how important this piece is to your overall vehicle’s performance. If you notice any problems with the belt tensioner in your car, take the vehicle into a professional service shop right away.

    What does the belt tensioner do?

    Under the hood of your car, the belt tensioner is an important component of the overall functions of your car. This small piece ensures that the serpentine belt under the hood delivers enough tension so that the belt can move the pulleys which drive the engine’s performance.

    For perspective, the serpentine belt controls the alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning, and more through its movement. Without the belt tensioner, the serpentine belt may not be able to run its course. This piece is made up of the base, tensioner arm, spring, and a pulley.

    All of the above components work together to secure the serpentine belt. Specifically, the base holds everything while the spring actually keeps the belt pulled tightly. At the bottom of the tensioner, the tensioner arm can be pressed on and, when pressed, allows the serpentine belt to have slack so that it can be adjusted or removed entirely.

    Without a belt tensioner, your Mercedes serpentine belt would have a lot of trouble staying firmly on its track. If this belt cannot have enough tension, it won’t activate key parts of the vehicle that are needed to actually power the vehicle. Therefore, any problems you notice with the belt tensioner should be taken care of as soon as you can.

    Always trust a professional to handle repairs to the belt tensioner, as many inexperienced drivers may wrongly believe the belt itself is the cause of the problems.

    Signs of a Bad Belt Tensioner

    As mentioned, the belt tensioner keeps the serpentine belt secured. If your belt tensioner goes bad, it will be easy to notice as your entire vehicle may begin to have issues arise. Spotting any of the below common symptoms of a bad belt tensioner should be treated as a reason to take your vehicle into the shop.

    Grinding or Squeaking Noise

    If there is something wrong with the belt tensioner, you may begin to notice a squeaking or grinding noise coming from under the hood as you drive. This could be resulting from a lack of tension on the serpentine belt, causing the belt to grind against parts as it does not run smoothly.

    Unusual Wear and Tear on the Belt

    Ideally, your serpentine belt should last a fair amount of miles. If there is something wrong with the belt tensioner and the proper tension is not put on the serpentine belt, the lifespan of that belt may go down. If you are noticing issues with parts in your car, check under the hood to see if your serpentine belt is looking extremely worn.

    A Lack of Belt-driven Accessories Functioning

    As mentioned, the serpentine belt powers a large number of components under the hood through its movement. If there is a problem with the tensioner, you may begin to notice some components stop working in your Mercedes. Should all those components be powered by the serpentine belt, you will know that the tensioner could be the cause.

    Mercedes Belt Tensioner Check

    European Service Center For Your Mercedes Needs

    At European Service Center, we understand the importance of keeping your Mercedes performing at its peak levels. Our experienced technicians have worked with clients from around Alpharetta, Chamblee, Cumming, Norcross, Dunwoody, Buckhead, Roswell, and Atlanta, GA. This means we have both the experience and knowledge needed to fix your vehicle.

    Please give us a call or come on down and visit us to set an appointment today. Give your Mercedes the treatment it deserves and keep it functioning for years to come. We look forward to earning your trust and business.

    * Mercedes Car image credit goes to: BONDART.