The Most Trusted Repair Shop in Houston to Fix a Power Loss or Limp Mode in a Sprinter
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  • The Most Trusted Repair Shop in Houston to Fix a Power Loss or Limp Mode in a Sprinter

    Posted on June 29, 2022 by europeanseradmin
    Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

    When your Sprinter experiences problems, you may notice power loss when driving or your Sprinter may slip into limp mode. You may experience a sensation of your Sprinter surging or jerking as you accelerate. These situations become particularly problematic on a highway or when merging, as they can put you in danger of a collision.

    These symptoms suggest that vital components of your engine are malfunctioning, and you could get stranded if you don’t find a quick solution. Without thoroughly researching the issue, it is impossible to determine the specific cause of a power outage.

    Certainly, the engine is a complicated machine with several elements that are practically all interdependent on each other to run smoothly. As a result, if a component fails, it can not only disturb the whole system and can also damage other components.

    Symptoms of Power Loss or Limp Mode in Your Sprinter

    There are different symptoms that indicate power loss in your Mercedes:

    • Failure to accelerate: In the situation where you step on the accelerator pedal and your Mercedes Sprinter fails to accelerate, it is an indication of power loss in your vehicle. The low engine power or power loss experienced by the engine might be a result of a failing flowmeter.
    • Air leaks or hissing sounds: When you step on the accelerator pedal, you might hear a hissing sound or feel air leaks, which are signs of power loss in your engine. If this happens, there is likely a problem with the turbo. Due to the high cost of your Sprinter’s engine, it is highly recommended that you visit a professional as soon as you notice it.
    • Black Smoke: If black smoke comes from the exhaust as soon as you start your Sprinter, it is an indication of an engine problem. This may be caused by a faulty or failing EGR valve.

    Potential Causes of Power Loss in your Mercedes Sprinter

    As you can see, there are several reasons that might trigger the loss of power in your Sprinter’s engine. Let’s analyze some of the major causes that can put your Mercedes Sprinter in limp mode:

    Failure of the EGR Valve

    By reusing nitrogen oxides, the EGR valve intends to reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxides from our cars. In fact, it redirects a portion of gas from the turbo to the injector, therefore working in tandem with it. The problem with this mechanism is that it can ultimately clog the valve and injector as well as cause soot deposits to build up. Therefore, this results in the failure of the EGR valve, which can ultimately lead to a power loss or your Sprinter slipping into limp mode.

    Fuel Injector Failure

    A clogged fuel injector might be the cause of your Sprinter slipping into limp mode or experiencing power loss, especially when you only make small trips within the city. Due to this, your engine may not receive enough fuel, leading to a loss of power.

    It is recommended that you periodically check your diesel filter in order to preserve your injection system. It is true that the diesel filter prevents particles from entering the injector system by filtering the particles. Over time, the diesel filter will lose its ability to filter particles, when it is worn out.

    Also, do not drive the vehicle with a nearly-empty tank, as this may cause corrosion and deposits that settle in the bottom of the tank to now flow into the pump, which might cause premature engine damage.

    Flowmeter Malfunction

    The engine of your Sprinter requires a precise air-to-fuel mixture to run. The flow meter’s purpose is to convey the proper air-to-fuel ratio to the engine. This allows the engine’s cylinders to perform as efficiently as possible. The Sprinter’s engine will not receive enough fuel if the flow meter no longer functions properly. As a result, you will experience power loss in your Sprinter’s engine.

    Sprinter EGR Valve Check

    We Will Repair Your Sprinter

    We advise Mercedes Sprinter drivers in the Buckhead, Alpharetta, Cumming, Chamblee, Dunwoody, Roswell, Norcross, and Atlanta, CA regions to visit us at European Service Center when detecting any symptoms of power loss. We will identify the root of the problem and perform any required repairs to get your Sprinter back on the road.

    You rely on your vehicle to keep your business running, so let us assist you to ensure it is dependable and delivers full power when you need it most. Call us today!

    * Mercedes-Benz Sprinter image credit goes to: Aliaksandr Litviniuk.