Tips to Detect Head Gasket Leaks in Your Land Rover From the Best Mechanics in Dallas
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  • Tips to Detect Head Gasket Leaks in Your Land Rover From the Best Mechanics in Dallas

    Posted on November 22, 2019 by europeanseradmin
    Land Rover Head Gasket Leak

    Your Land Rover’s head gasket is a simple part with an essential role that creates a tight seal between the cylinder head and the engine block. A fully-functioning head gasket is able to prevent leaks between the two systems it connects. It also ensures maximum compression is achieved to increase the combustibility of the fuel as well as preventing coolant and engine oil from mixing together.

    As you can see, the head gasket is an important part which shouldn’t be neglected. Therefore, in this article, we will take a closer look at head gasket failure and learn how you can detect leaks in your Land Rover.

    The Cause of Head Gasket Failure

    Knowing the causes of head gasket failure will help you to confirm your suspicions of a leak. If you notice any of the 4 symptoms and their causes listed below, then you should check your gasket for damages or leaks.

    1. Low Water Levels

    • Neglecting to refill water levels
    • Leaks in the water pump
    • Coolant system leaks
    • Deteriorated head gasket which causes water to mix with the engine oil

    2. Low Antifreeze Efficiency

    • Using the wrong antifreeze
    • Poor-quality antifreeze
    • Old antifreeze
    • Diluted antifreeze

    3. Deteriorated Oil

    • Expired Oil
    • Oil that has become contaminated by coolant
    • Cheap oil
    • Low oil levels

    4. Failure of the Thermostat

    • Temperature spikes in the engine
    • Fan failure

    Symptoms of Head Gasket Failure

    Head gasket failure, such as leaks, will display a variety of symptoms that should not be ignored. If you notice one or more of the signs or symptoms listed below, you should seek professional diagnostic work as soon as possible.

    1. Coolant that leaks from under the exhaust manifold

    The most obvious sign of a leak is fluid where it shouldn’t be!

    2. White Emissions

    All emissions your Land Rover makes should be clear. White emissions are a sign of coolant leaks. These types of leaks can be caused by a failure in the head gasket seals.

    3. Unexplained Coolant Leaks

    Coolant vanishing is never a good sign and is often the cause of a failure in the gasket seals. This allows the coolant to leak from the system and mix with the engine oil. This problem can be spotted by routinely checking and filling your fluids.

    4. Engine Overheating

    Of course, if the coolant is escaping the system, there won’t be enough antifreeze in the coolant system to prevent overheating. This needs to be dealt with swiftly by a trusted mechanic to prevent severe engine damage.

    5. Radiator Bubbles

    When the gasket has failed, air can be allowed to enter the coolant system. This can cause bubbles. Bubbles can block the coolant system, preventing its operation.

    6. Milky Oil

    This symptom is a clear sign that the head gasket is leaking, as it has allowed coolant to mix with the oil. This can cause catastrophic ramifications for your Land Rover, so don’t delay in repairs. Seek out an expert to help you immediately.

    7. Poor Engine Performance

    Cracks or leaks in the head gasket can result in the compression of the combustion chamber becoming compromised. This will affect your engine’s overall performance.

    How to Prevent Gasket Leaks

    You can properly maintain your head gasket in 6 easy ways:

    1. Change your head gasket after 75,000 miles.
    2. Check your Land Rover’s fluid levels weekly and pay attention to any fluid that seems to be disappearing quickly.
    3. Only use the quality coolant that is recommended for your vehicle.
    4. Keep your oil healthy by changing it every 12,000 miles.
    5. Keep an eye on your temperature gauge to ensure there is no temperature surge or general high temperature.
    6. Take your vehicle in for maintenance if your problems become severe, such as regular overheating. This can prevent catastrophic engine damage and costly repairs. Ideally, you should seek diagnostic work at the first troubling symptoms and not wait for things to worsen.

    Land Rover Head Gasket Repair

    European Service Center

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