Tips to Fix Motor Mount Failure in Your Mercedes While Driving Through Houston
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  • Tips to Fix Motor Mount Failure in Your Mercedes While Driving Through Houston

    Posted on October 11, 2019 by europeanseradmin
    Mercedes Broken Motor Mount

    While the exterior and interior of your Mercedes can be described as nothing but luxurious, some of the least glamorous parts of your vehicle’s inner workings complete the most essential tasks. This allows you to hit the road feeling completely carefree. One such part that has an important role to play is the motor mount. In this article, we will explore this part and learn the signs and symptoms of failure as well as discuss where to go for repairs.

    What does a motor mount do?

    Motor mounts are in charge of supporting both the engine and the transmission within your car. Through doing this, they dampen both the noise and vibrations, leading to a far smoother, more enjoyable driving experience. Motor mounts are very simple in design and typically consist of metal plates and insulator blocks made of rubber.

    Some vehicles have more specialized mounts known as hydraulic or hydro-mounts. These mounts use hollow chambers filled with fuel to best absorb chassis vibrations. Hydro-mounts are most commonly featured in both four-cylinder and V6 engines. Overall, there are 3 overarching categories of motor mounts which are:

    Passive Rubber Mounts

    These are the most simple and straightforward. They have metal mounting points and are bolted to both the engine and the body of the car, with the metal parts being separated by rubber blocks. Rubber mounts will typically last the entire lifespan of your Mercedes.

    Passive Hydraulic Mounts

    Slightly more complex, the rubber blocks in a hydraulic mount are hollow. These blocks are filled with fluid like glycol or hydraulic fluid to dampen more extreme vibrations. This type of mount is more expensive and may not last the vehicle’s entire lifespan.

    Active Hydraulic Mounts

    Similar to the previous entry, these mounts also have a vacuum chamber. This allows the mount to adjust its stiffness, depending on the driving conditions. This style of mount is expensive but perfect for luxury sports cars.

    Signs and Symptoms of Mount Failure

    1. Loud Noises

    The most obvious sign of an issue with the engine mount is excessive noise coming from your engine. Ideally, your car should only make louder noises when revving or accelerating, so any noises heard aside from this such as clanking or knocking or just general loudness indicates a problem with the mount.

    2. Excessive Vibrations

    As previously mentioned, aside from low-level noise and engine rumble, the mount is also supposed to dampen the vibrations caused when the engine is running. Therefore, if you notice excessive juddering or vibrations, it is likely the rubber blocks have developed a fault and need to be assessed.

    3. Engine Drooping

    Your mount is supposed to keep your engine level and central. If it develops a problem, you may notice your engine drooping to one side or sitting too far to the left or right. Excessive tilting or misalignment can cause serious engine damage, so this issue should be remedied swiftly.

    What Causes Mount Failure?

    1. Poor or Incorrect Installation

    If the mounts aren’t installed correctly, they are likely to be unable to hold your engine in the proper position and may cause damage, excessive vibrations, and loud noises as a result.

    2. Wear and Defects

    While being manufactured to last by Mercedes, sometimes mounts will have defects which only appear after time.

    3. Age

    As with any mechanical part, over time, components will degrade. Most commonly with engine mounts, the rubber becomes old and dry and develops cracks, which can cause noise and vibrations to be heard by the driver.

    4. Driving Habits and Manual Transmission

    Poor driving habits by drivers of manual transmission vehicles can negatively impact the health of the engine mount. Habits such as over-revving gears and slamming pedals can all exert excessive stress upon the mounts.

    Mercedes Motor Mount Repair

    Fixing Mount Failure

    While it is probably possible for a Mercedes enthusiast or experienced DIY tinkerer to perform engine mount repairs, as this part plays such a critical role in the health of your engine, it is best to leave this job to the professionals, such as those at European Service Center. We have 7 locations throughout Texas and Georgia, meaning that for drivers of these areas, expert servicing and repairs is just a short drive away. Call us today for an appointment or stop by for a consultation.