Tips to Identify Exhaust Issues in a VW From Expert Mechanics in Dallas
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  • Tips to Identify Exhaust Issues in a VW From Expert Mechanics in Dallas

    Posted on September 27, 2019 by europeanseradmin
    Volkswagen Exhaust System

    The exhaust system in your automobile serves a vitally important purpose. While your car is running, your engine is constantly experiencing small explosions every few seconds. These explosions create power that moves the pistons. The result of these actions are leftover gases. These include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxide. These gases can be extremely harmful to your lungs and must be removed from the engine area. The exhaust system works to remove the gases from the engine, away from the cabin area, and out of the car.

    Modern day vehicles, like your Volkswagen, have exhaust systems that also address the gas as it escapes into the atmosphere as well as the noise pollution caused by the engine explosions. Maintaining your exhaust system is vitally important to the overall performance of your VW as well as the safety of you and your passengers.

    Symptoms of Potential Exhaust Problems

    Decrease in Acceleration and Power

    An exhaust problem such as a leak can affect the overall performance of your engine. Your vehicle will not accelerate as quickly and the power will be weaker when you do. This issue will get worse over time if the exhaust leak is not fixed.

    Exhaust Pipe Hanging from Underneath Automobile

    The exhaust pipe may detach and hang down from underneath your car, even dragging along the highway. This can be dangerous to you as the driver of the vehicle as well as other drivers around you. The piece could break away and hit surrounding cars or innocent bystanders.

    Decrease in Fuel Efficiency

    When the power of your VW decreases, so does the fuel efficiency. Your automobile tries to compensate when there is an exhaust issue, causing it to use more fuel. Over time, this decrease in gas mileage can become quite costly.

    Noisy Engine

    One of the very first symptoms of an exhaust problem is an extremely noisy engine. An exhaust leak can make sounds similar to knocking, tapping, or hissing. These sounds will be heightened when you accelerate or when you cold start the engine.

    Gas Smell Inside the Cabin

    If you begin to smell gas in the cabin while driving, this could signal an exhaust malfunction. An exhaust pipe or tube may have become damaged and caused a leak. This leak allows gasoline fumes to infiltrate the interior of your VW. Such fumes are extremely dangerous and your car should be inspected and repaired immediately.

    Odd Vibrations

    Unusual vibrations coming from the gas pedal or the steering wheel can indicate an exhaust leak. If the leak is large enough, it can even cause the entire car to vibrate. This is not only a safety issue but an issue with the handling of the vehicle. The extreme shaking can affect your ability to maintain control while driving.

    Exhaust Issues With Your Volkswagen

    Volkswagen ranks third internationally within the auto industry and is the largest among German brands. These automobiles utilize high-quality components, including those that make up the exhaust system. However, if you suspect an issue you should have your VW inspected as soon as possible. Flaws in this system can lead to a decrease in efficiency and performance as well as potential safety hazards for you or your passengers.

    Volkswagen Exhaust Pipe Check

    Contact the Experts at European Service Center

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