Top Causes of Exhaust Flex Pipe Failure in Your Sprinter in Atlanta
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  • Top Causes of Exhaust Flex Pipe Failure in Your Sprinter in Atlanta

    Posted on September 7, 2021 by europeanseradmin
    Mercedes Sprinter Van

    One of the most common issues with Mercedes Sprinter vans is exhaust flex pipe failure and leaks. Sprinter vans are often used as work and construction vehicles, and they tend to take a beating as a result. Anyone who has spent time working on construction and work sites knows that a vehicle can easily suffer damage at no fault of the operator.

    Exhaust problems and catalytic converter issues are common on the Sprinter van. Exhaust systems are vast and run the length of the vehicle, beginning under the hood and extending to the back of the van. The catalytic converter is located under the hood, but the rest of the exhaust is under the vehicle. There is little protection for any car part on the bottom of a vehicle. It is subjected to becoming weather-beaten by the elements of nature. Rain, snow, salt, and other debris and stones found on the road can beat up on your exhaust system, flex pipe included.

    The Typical Culprits of Flex Pipe Leaks

    The exhaust flex pipe on your Sprinter van is one of the most vulnerable and fragile components of the vehicle. The most common way your flex pipe breaks is from the inside out, due to how it’s constructed.

    The reason a flexible pipe is utilized on vehicles is that exhaust systems suffer jarring and jostling as you drive down the road. If the entire exhaust system was solidly connected, breaks and leaks in the line would be even more common than they are now.

    Rust can also lead to leaks. Water and salt combine to form a potent car killer in the way of rust. Rust can quickly depreciate the value of any car and can also damage your exhaust system.

    Damaging your flex exhaust pipe due to an accident can be because of a collision with another car or from bottoming your Sprinter van out. If you go over a speed bump too quickly or hit a large pothole, you risk bottoming out and crushing your flexible exhaust pipe.

    How to Know if Your Exhaust Pipe is Leaking

    There are several ways to know if your flexible exhaust pipe is leaking on your van:

    • Obnoxiously loud noises: The first and most obvious thing that you will notice if your exhaust is damaged is a loud, roaring noise coming from the bottom or back of your car. If the engine is running and the car is turned on, you may immediately hear if something is amiss with your exhaust system.
    • A foul smell: You may also notice the strong smell of exhaust fumes. While you can smell exhaust fumes if you go to the back of the car, with a leaky exhaust pipe, this odor will be much more noticeable. If you start to notice the strong smell of exhaust fumes, roll down your window for clean air, pull over safely, and check for exhaust leaks.
    • Less power and efficiency: With a leaky or disconnected exhaust pipe, you will also notice your car operating differently. When you accelerate, there is often a lull in its takeoff and efficiency. When you step on the gas, you may be greeted with a loud and labored sound if your exhaust pipe is damaged or leaking.
    • Visibly hanging exhaust pipe: If you look behind or underneath your car and can visibly see your flexible exhaust pipe hanging down, you definitely have a problem. Leaks in an exhaust pipe can be fixed much easier than a completely disconnected one. If you suspect your exhaust system has a problem, have it repaired before it becomes completely disconnected to save on repair costs.

    Sprinter Exhaust Flex Pipe Leak Repair

    European Service Center is Here to Help

    If you are in Georgia and run into flex exhaust pipe issues, look no further than European Service Center. With multiple locations in Alpharetta, Chamblee, Cumming, Norcross, Dunwoody, Buckhead, Roswell, and Atlanta, GA, European Service Center has the skills and knowledge to repair your exhaust system.

    Whether your flexible pipe is just leaking or completely severed, European Service Center has some of the best mechanics in Georgia and is here to help. Call today and make an appointment with one of our outstanding crew members, and we will make your car repair experience a smooth and painless one.

    * Mercedes Sprinter Van image credit goes to: Aliaksandr Litviniuk.