Volkswagen Ignition Coil Repair Services
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  • Volkswagen Ignition Coil Repair Services

    Posted on July 5, 2018 by europeanseradmin

    The Volkswagen is a perfect example of your everyday car. They are dependable, affordable and easy to maintain. Notwithstanding, beyond the regular wear and tear these vehicles go through, certain models of the Volkswagen tend to develop other issues that can deter the smooth running of your car which is the Volkswagen ignition coil.

    What is the Volkswagen Ignition Coil and What Does It Do?

    The ignition system is what enables your vehicle to start when you turn on the ignition and the ignition coils is the heart of this system. These coils work by sending high-voltage current to the spark plugs, the current fires up the spark plugs which ignite the car’s fuel enabling the vehicle to start. The ignition coils amplify the voltage in the battery to produce the electrical energy needed for the car to start. Without the voltage amplifying feature of the ignition coil, there will be no spark to ignite the fuel and your Volkswagen will lose power.

    In older VW cars, the ignition system is designed in such a way that one ignition coil sends the spark to a distributor, which sends the power to all the spark plugs. The newer models have an ignition coil for every spark plug, this way, each coil is directly igniting a certain plug without the need for a distributor.  Whether via a distributor system or a direct system, a malfunctioning ignition coil is no good to the engine of your car.

    What are the Indicators of Malfunction in the Ignition System?

    When the Volkswagen ignition coil is faulty or requires a replacement, your Volkswagen will give off certain tell-tale signs of a malfunction in the engine compartment. Signs that your ignition coils are damaged and will require repair services include; engine misfiring and backfiring, unexpected stalling and power loss in the engine especially while driving, poor fuel economy, an illuminated check engine light, snapping and cranking sounds from the engine compartment and a general poor performance. It is recommended that you consult a professional mechanic once these signs become apparent.

    How Do We Fix Damaged Volkswagen Ignition Coil?

    Bad ignition coils can severely damage the engine of your Volkswagen leaving the driver in a vulnerable position if they are not addressed on time. Beyond wear and tear of the ignition coils, damages can also be inflicted on the ignition coils from bad or worn out spark plugs. Oil leaks within the engine and a general poor maintenance of the ignition system could also be responsible for failed ignition coils.

    To diagnose the root cause of the problem to and facilitate repair services, we scan the on-board diagnostics (OBD) for trouble codes in the engine computer followed by a visual inspection of the ignition coils. If the coils show signs of damage, cracks, arcing etc., we will replace the damaged ignition coils. Replacement of the coils is usually done along with the replacement of the spark plugs as they work hand in hand. The efficiency of one is dependent upon the other. Regular maintenance and servicing will also help with  early detection and timely resolution of potential problems before they manifest.