Ways to Deal With ABS System Failure in a Land Rover While in Atlanta
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  • Ways to Deal With ABS System Failure in a Land Rover While in Atlanta

    Posted on September 5, 2019 by europeanseradmin
    Land Rover ABS Warning Light

    Anti-lock brakes, also known as ABS, prevent the wheels on an automobile from locking up and also helps them keep a solid grip with the road. This safety anti-skid braking system is used in motorcycles, buses, trucks, and cars. The ABS system in your Land Rover gives you more precision, stability, and overall control when stopping. This system is maintained by an on-board computer control unit. It will alert you when it recognizes an issue or malfunction.

    Land Rover is known for its innovative technology, outstanding features, and lifestyle inspired designs. Even pre-owned Rovers maintain their value over time and are subjected to rigorous inspections. However, they are not completely immune from mechanical issues or breakdowns. If you suspect a problem with your Land Rover’s anti-lock brakes, you need to consult an expert as soon as possible.

    Common Signs of ABS Trouble

    Your vehicle is equipped with an advanced computer system which alerts you when issues arise. It has a specific sensor that is connected to the ABS system and will normally be the first sign that there is trouble. While it is possible that the sensor may be defective, it is highly uncommon. If the ABS light illuminates on your dashboard, you should immediately get your Land Rover to a specialist for proper diagnosis. The sensor is designed to alert you at the very first sign of trouble, in the hopes of preventing any further safety issues or problems.

    Another sign of a potential issue with your ABS may be a bit more sinister. Your brakes may not respond properly or they may lock up at incorrect times. These symptoms can cause serious damage to the braking system of your vehicle as well as be extremely dangerous when driving. If your brakes begin to act or respond differently, you should immediately consult a professional Land Rover mechanic who can address the problem and ensure that you get back on the road safely.

    You Can Help Keep Your Brakes In Proper Working Order

    Routine maintenance and scheduled inspections are key to keeping your braking system performing at its best. Several components should be checked regularly to make sure they are functioning adequately. These include:

    • Brake pads
    • Brake rotors and calipers
    • Speed sensors
    • Pressure release valves
    • ABS control unit

    Maintaining these parts will not only work to keep your braking system in excellent condition, it will ensure the efficiency of your automobile and your safety while driving. There are some things you can do as well to help keep the system in optimal working order.

    • Follow all recommended maintenance guidelines as listed in your owner’s manual.
    • Undergo frequent inspections and maintenance services.
    • Make sure you have your automobile checked as soon as issues develop.
    • Always consult a Land Rover specialist for specific services for your make and model.

    Why You Should Enlist the Services of a Land Rover Specialist

    Owning a luxury vehicle brings a bit more responsibility when it comes to the effort, energy, and financial aspect of keeping it in excellent condition and operating at peak performance. A Land Rover specialist has the ability to perform intricate and accurate services that your specific make and model requires. Local dealerships may overcharge while allowing inexperienced mechanics to work on your exotic vehicle. Finding a reputable auto service center that specializes in European automobiles will allow you to feel confident when leaving your Rover in their hands.

    European Service Center is Your Trusted Land Rover Specialist

    At European Service Center, we possess the expertise to properly inspect, diagnose, and repair your Land Rover. We are committed to excellence and have over 35 years of experience specializing in European automobile services. We provide convenience with 7 locations throughout Texas and Georgia, specifically the greater Dallas and Atlanta areas.

    Land Rover Brake Repair

    Your Land Rover is far from traditional, and we understand the attention it needs to make sure it will be at its best in any driving condition. Each of our locations employ factory-trained and certified mechanics who use the latest tools and diagnostic equipment. We can address your ABS needs and ensure your safety on the road. Contact us today and let us properly take care of your luxury European automobile.