What to do if the Suspension of Your Maserati Fails in Atlanta
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  • What to do if the Suspension of Your Maserati Fails in Atlanta

    Posted on December 2, 2021 by europeanseradmin
    Maserati Suspension

    Maserati has produced some of the sleekest and beautiful cars in the automobile industry. They’re not only beautiful, their powerful engines ensure that their drivers always enjoy the experience. Over the years, there have been complaints about the vehicle’s suspension which can ruin this joyride.

    The suspension system of your Maserati consists of shock absorbers and struts that help to ensure that your car always stays on course. This system provides stable steering, proper handling, protection from bumps and pothole damage, and ensures that the tires are always in contact with the road.

    If the suspension system starts to fail, the overall performance of your Maserati will drop, and you’ll no longer enjoy smooth rides. Hence, ensure that the suspension system of your Maserati is included in maintenance routines to reduce its chances of early failure.

    Common Causes of Suspension Failure in Your Maserati

    The suspension system of your Maserati might fail as a result of one or more of the following reasons:

    • Poorly Aligned Wheels: If the wheels of your Maserati are out of alignment or not balanced, the suspension will fail, and your car will become unstable. To avoid poorly aligned wheels, practice safe driving and avoid hitting curbs and portholes frequently.
    • Worn Out Shock Absorbers: The shock absorbers found in your Maserati are a critical part of the suspension system. They help to reduce the impact when your car hits bumps and curbs. If they become worn out due to aging, the suspension system of your Maserati will become defective, and you will begin to feel the impact of road imperfections on your vehicle as you drive.
    • Broken Springs: The springs are also another essential part of the suspension system in your Maserati. They easily experience wear and tear because they’re always in use to keep your Maserati elevated from the ground and to prevent sagging. If anything happens to them, other parts of the suspension system will be affected and become damaged.

    Symptoms of a Defective Suspension System in Your Maserati

    If you experience any of the symptoms written below, then your suspension either needs repair or replacement.

    • Bumpy Rides: This is an effortless way to spot a faulty suspension system. The suspension system functions to protect you from the impacts of road bumps and curbs. However, immediately it becomes defective, you will start feeling the result when you hit potholes, which indicates that the suspension system’s springs are broken and need replacement.
    • Uneven Tire Wear: The tires of your vehicle should wear and tear down at the same rate. However, if the suspension system is faulty, the front tires may wear down first before because of extra pressure put on the wheels.
    • Car Drifting and Sagging: The suspension system of your Maserati helps to hold its body when it makes turns around sharp corners. If the suspension system begins to fail, you will notice your car drifting from its course to the side whenever you drive through sharp bends.

    Also, your car may start sagging. You will find the side with a defective suspension sitting lower than others. When your vehicle starts sagging, it usually indicates that the suspension system is faulty.

    • Front End Nose Dives: With a healthy suspension system, your car should come to a stop quickly and smoothly when you brake. However, when the suspension starts failing, your vehicle will nose dive to the front when you brake, meaning that the shocks and struts need replacement.

    When you notice any of the signs mentioned above, contact our trusted Maserati specialist to check and repair the suspension system.

    Maserati Shock Absorber Check

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