When To Replace the Coolant Temperature Sensor in Your VW From Expert Technicians in Atlanta
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  • When To Replace the Coolant Temperature Sensor in Your VW From Expert Technicians in Atlanta

    Posted on October 25, 2019 by europeanseradmin
    Volkswagen Coolant Temperature Gauge

    Volkswagens have proven themselves to be dependable and durable. Despite being at the top of their game, they still have problems. A common issue that we often come across is coolant temperature sensor failure. Let’s take a look at what happens with this problem and discuss how to recognize the signs.

    What is the coolant temperature sensor?

    The coolant temperature sensor is also referred to as the ECT. This sensor measures the temperature of your VW’s engine. The information that it gathers affects fuel delivery, ignition timing, and engine performance.

    The ECT is usually attached to the engine block or cylinder head. It is near the hottest flow of coolant. In some instances, there may be more than one coolant temperature sensor installed. They are placed in different locations.

    The sensor is partially submerged in the coolant. It sends the data that it collects to the engine’s computer. This allows your car to know if it is running too hot or too cold.

    Symptoms of Coolant Temperature Sensor Failure

    A bad engine coolant temperature sensor can produce a lot of symptoms. When the sensor fails, your engine will no longer be as efficient. Below is a list of the most common symptoms that you may experience:

    Poor Gas Mileage

    When you first start your car, the computer uses information that it receives from the coolant temperature sensor. This can lead to a rich-running engine. Once the engine heats up, the oxygen sensors gather the information.

    Engine is Running Poorly

    When the sensor is bad, your engine will no longer run efficiently. You may even experience backfires.

    An Overheating Engine

    The cooling fans will not be turned on if the computer does receive the correct reading. This will cause your engine to overheat. Never run your VW with an overheating engine. When it overheats, immediately pull off the road and turn off the engine. Continuing to drive an overheating vehicle will lead to engine damage and possible engine failure.

    Engine Stalls

    An engine takes a while to heat up and needs more fuel to idle smoothly. If the engine’s computer doesn’t know when to add extra gas, the engine can stall.

    Increased Emissions

    If your engine thinks that it is cold, it will add extra fuel. This causes the engine to run rich leading to higher emissions.

    Black Smoke

    If your engine is getting too much fuel, it will not be burned in the combustion chamber. Instead, it will be burned in the exhaust. This leads to black smoke coming out of the tailpipe.

    Check Engine Light is On

    Anytime your vehicle’s computer becomes aware of a problem, it will try to inform you. This usually happens by triggering the check engine light. Many issues can turn the light on. Once your light illuminates, take your VW to a trusted mechanic. They will be able to run a diagnostic scan to determine the exact issue.

    Can you still drive your vehicle?

    If your coolant temperature sensor is failing or has failed, do not continue driving your vehicle. You should get it fixed right away. A faulty sensor can lead to overheating. This will cause damage to your engine as well as other components, which will be very expensive to fix.

    How often does the sensor need replaced?

    Coolant temperature sensor failure is common in Volkswagens. Properly maintaining the engine’s cooling system will help prolong the life of the component. It is recommended that the sensor is replaced at 100,000 miles. Not staying current with your maintenance schedule can cause it to fail sooner.

    Fixing the Sensor Issue

    At European Service Center, we will perform a thorough diagnosis. Our technicians will determine if the issue is due to coolant temperature sensor failure. Other issues can also mimic these same symptoms. Before you waste your money replacing the sensor, we will verify that replacement will actually fix your problems.

    We pride ourselves on constantly educating our technicians and ensuring our facility is using the most up-to-date technology available for all of your Volkswagen service issues. Our expert mechanics always provide professional service to ensure your visit to us goes as smoothly and effectively as possible.

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