Where to Go in Atlanta to Fix Misfires & Ignition Issues in Your Mercedes
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  • Where to Go in Atlanta to Fix Misfires & Ignition Issues in Your Mercedes

    Posted on May 26, 2020 by europeanseradmin
    Mercedes Misfires & Ignition Issue

    We know how much you care about keeping your Mercedes in excellent condition. When misfires and ignition issues arise, it’s crucial to turn to professionals who know how to service your car. Not only will trusting your vehicle to experts who specialize in Mercedes keep your vehicle in the excellent condition you expect from such an iconic brand, but it will also ensure the safety of you, your loved ones, and others on the road. At European Service Center, we are a team of professionals who know how to effectively service Mercedes with misfires and ignition issues.

    Common Mercedes Misfires and Ignition Issues

    Mercedes is known for models with unparalleled design and comfort, but when cylinder misfire issues arise, it’s critical to address them in order to preserve the best aspects of your vehicle.

    Cylinder misfires can cause your engine to decline in performance as well as causing noticeable vibrations in your car. The cylinders in your Mercedes’ engine contain air and fuel, and a spark is used to ignite them. When this ignition occurs at the wrong time, it’s called a misfire. Misfires can usually be identified by a loud, popping noise.

    There are several causes of a cylinder misfire and ignition issues. We’ve listed the most common below.

    Faulty Spark Plugs

    Spark Plugs are what literally spark the ignition in your engine. If these plugs wear out, the necessary explosion that provides power to your engine won’t occur, though air and fuel will continue to be combined. Spark plug issues can usually be addressed with a simple and inexpensive replacement.

    Fuel Issues

    If an insufficient amount of fuel is entering your cylinder, this can cause misfires. This kind of misfire is more noticeable at low speeds. It leads to ignitions that are powered by an oxygen-heavy explosion. The fuel system is complex, and these issues should always be addressed by a qualified mechanic.

    Transmission Issues

    Though many misfires are due to problems within the engine or fuel system, some misfires are due to issues with the transmission system of a Mercedes. This kind of misfire can be identified when the vehicle jerks or if it’s difficult to change gears. You will notice these kinds of issues when you are driving your Mercedes at faster speeds, especially when you need to change gears.

    Engine Control Module Issues

    Mercedes vehicles are highly-advanced designs that rely on sophisticated technology to keep the vehicle operating at its best. The Engine Control Module is the main computer system within a Mercedes, and if this system malfunctions, it can cause misfires and ignition issues. Only mechanics with thorough knowledge of this system should be used to fix this issue.

    We are the Solution

    When dealing with misfires and ignition issues in your Mercedes, it is extremely important to put your vehicle in the best possible hands. Mercedes models are technologically-advanced cars, meaning they require certified mechanics with extensive knowledge and experience.

    Though some of these issues can be easily remedied, others require more in-depth solutions. It’s important to address these issues promptly, as these issues decrease the drivability as well as fuel efficiency of your car. Misfires and ignition issues can even be dangerous if they cause the vehicle to lose power, so staying proactive and on top of the situation will help guarantee your vehicle does its job.

    European Service Center for your Mercedes Needs

    At European Service Center, we are here to help you address and solve any issues you may have with your vehicle. Our experts are trusted throughout the Alpharetta, Chamblee, Cumming, Norcross, Dunwoody, Buckhead, Roswell, and Atlanta areas. With our multiple locations, you can be sure to receive the best possible service at a time and place that meets your needs.

    Mercedes Bad Spark Plug Replacement

    We know you will walk away confident that your Mercedes is well-maintained due to our specialized knowledge, attention to detail, and genuine care for our customers and their vehicles. We are here to help and hope you’ll let us take care of misfires and ignition issues, regular maintenance, as well as any other issue you may encounter with your vehicle. Your Mercedes keeps you safe, comfortable, and proud. Let European Service Center do the same for you.