Where to Solve Your Ferrari's Electrical Complications in Atlanta
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  • Where to Solve Your Ferrari’s Electrical Complications in Atlanta

    Posted on March 7, 2020 by europeanseradmin
    Ferrari Electrical Complications

    Though known to be one of the top luxury car manufacturers on the planet, even Ferrari isn’t without its car problems. In fact, while giving drivers out-of-this world driving experiences and revolutionary designs and features, Ferrari cars are often prone to electrical complications. In this article we’ll be exploring some of the top electrical issues that Ferraris face, as well as how to diagnose them and seek a resolution.

    Starter Failure

    As its name might indicate, your Ferrari’s starter is the part in charge of kick-starting the engine of your car. Regardless of whether your battery and alternator are in perfect running order, if the starter is dead, so is your car, and the only solution is to see your mechanic for a professional repair or replacement.  A good way to rule out battery or alternator problems as the cause of your non-starting car is to listen out for the tell-tale click that a working starter makes even when the battery is dead. If you don’t hear it, then the starter is likely to blame.

    Battery Trouble

    If the starter is working but your engine is still dead, then the next thing you should do is check the battery. Battery problems can occur for many reasons, from simply forgetting to switch off your lights overnight, to a poor connection, or just the fact that the part has become old. You can replace the battery yourself, but you need to take the correct safety precautions as battery fluids shouldn’t ever make contact with your skin. Indicative signs of battery failure include dim lights and a dead engine.

    Alternator Issues

    Once the starter and the battery have been ruled out, your attention should turn to the alternator. Alternator failure is pretty easy to detect, as it causes a dramatic power decrease. As a failing alternator will impact power distribution, you’ll also notice that your Ferrari’s electrical system flickers. This sudden decrease in speed and power and be dangerous, so the alternator should always be repaired at the first sign of problems.

    Short Circuits

    Circuits can easily become overloaded with power fluctuations. If severe enough, short circuits can be very dangerous and even explosive. If at any time you start to smell burning plastic when driving your Ferrari, you should stop as soon as it is safe to and call roadside assistance, as your car likely has a short circuit somewhere.

    Spark Plug Faults

    Spark plugs can become loose given time, and can cause a whole host of damage. Spark plugs are what ignite the fuel inside your engine’s combustion chamber. When the plugs develop a problem you’re likely to notice reduced performance and misfires, and if they fail entirely your Ferrari is going nowhere! Luckily, spark plugs are cheap to replace, though if you find this issue starts to be recurrent you may choose to replace the spark plug wiring and the ignition coils as well.

    Fuse Box Faults and Loose Wiring

    Like all electrical systems, your car has fuses. A faulty fuse box can cause fuses to repeatedly blow, inconveniencing you and creating the regular need for replacement. Loose or bad wiring can also contribute to an increased rate of blown fuses.

    Other Electronic Issues

    Sometimes one isolated defective part can have a huge impact upon the entire electrical system of your Ferrari. If this part ends up draining the battery, then the starter won’t be able to crank the engine. This will also typically trigger the illumination of the engine management light (EML), also known as the ‘check engine’ light. This warning light should always be addressed quickly and never ignored to prevent further damage to your vehicle. The age of your vehicle can increase the risk of this scenario occurring, so it’s important to always keep on top of regular servicing and maintenance.

    Ferrari Alternator Replacement

    European Service Center

    Here at European Service Center we’ll be more than happy to give your prized Ferrari the five-star service it deserves. We know that electrical issues can happen quite suddenly, and can leave you feeling stranded and unsure who to call. If you live in Georgia or Texas you can rely on us to help you, as we have eight locations across the two states. If you reside in or around Alpharetta, Chamblee, Cumming, Norcross, Dunwoody, Buckhead, Roswell, Atlanta, GA, or Dallas, Houston, or Plano, TX, we’re never far away.