World’s First Super SUV – The Lamborghini Urus
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  • World’s First Super SUV – The Lamborghini Urus

    Posted on October 11, 2018 by europeanseradmin

    We all know Lamborghinis for their sharp angles, low-to-the-ground profile, and roaring engines. Yet, the Italian supercar manufacturer has jumped into a space that they abandoned back in 1993. The LM002 was the first super SUV to be produced. It was first released in 1986 and had a run until 1993. The clientele were mostly individuals from sandy oil-rich countries, but this new iteration will have a much larger appeal.

    Lamborghini is claiming that the Urus is the world’s first super sports utility vehicle (SUV). They must have forgotten about the LM002, or since they claim an inspiration from it, perhaps they view the Urus as an extension of that model. That said, when Porsche decided to build the Cayenne in 2002, it had a surge in sales that continues to this day. People love their SUVs, and they are by far the most popular type of vehicle. For example, the most popular Lexus is their RX300. Every other model is way behind, so we can’t blame Lamborghini for jumping into this lucrative segment of the auto market.

    Lamborghini DNA

    The Urus definitely has the Lamborghini DNA; its origins are unmistakable. Not only does it look like the legendary Italian supercar, but most importantly it also sounds like it.

    It comes equipped with Lamborghini’s Adaptive Network Intelligent Management (ANIMA) which has different settings suited for all kinds of terrains and moods. This is what really makes it a Lamborghini. The system allows you to choose the correct set up that suits you. It has 3 on-road modes: STRADA (Comfort), SPORT (Responsive and Fun), CORSA (Maximum Performance). There are also 3 off-road modes: NEVE(Wet Surfaces), TERRA (Rugged Off-road Surfaces), SABBIA (Sandy Surfaces). There is one final setting, which is named, EGO. This allows the driver to customize their own settings regarding steering, suspension, and traction.

    The design is inspired by the classic (1986-1993) Lamborghini SUV, the LM002. The Urus’ designers made sure to include Lamborghini’s signature “Y” design all over the vehicle. It can be found in the grille, headlights, taillights, rims, and even as the holes in the speaker system.

    The interior is an amazing experience. Lamborghinis are usually cramped and very low to the ground. The Urus is spacious and sits up high. It almost feels like you are in a cockpit of a jet fighter. Furthermore, there is actually space in the back for passengers with detachable tablets. Moreover, there is actual cargo space to use that can easily fit your golf gear and more.

    Lamborghini  Urus Performance

    The engine is a V8 twin turbo engine that puts out 650 horsepower with the best weight to power ratio in the entire SUV segment of the market. Focusing and transferring this immense power to the wheels is an 8 gear automatic transmission with a permanent 4-wheel-drive system, sending the Urus to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 190 mph; making it the world’s fastest SUV!

    That is some amazing performance for an SUV, so it is in need of Lamborghini’s active torque vectoring. The active torque vectoring makes sure this super SUV doesn’t get out of control under any circumstances and performs at an optimal level.

    The Urus is equipped with the latest in safety technology, employing a vast array of sensors and cameras to keep the driver aware of all surroundings at all times. So, what’s the starting price of the Lamborghini Urus? The super SUV will set you back over $200K. A very typical price from the Italian carmaker.

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