BMW Electrical System Malfunction Repair
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  • BMW Electrical System Malfunction Repair

    Posted on August 17, 2018 by europeanseradmin

    The infusion of electrical parts into the automobile has contributed significantly to the degree of comfort it brings to its users.  However, all electrical parts will fail after an extended period of usage.  When the electrical system malfunction is from a BMW they can be somewhat difficult to fix.

    Keeping the BMW electrical system in proper condition in a city such as Sandy Springs can have a considerable impact on the amount of pleasure you will derive controlling those wheels. If you think about it the manufacturer added all of the over the top features for your ultimate driving pleasure. Electrical system malfunction in a BMW can be prevented by paying attention to some known issues such as:

    1. Fuse Boxes
    2. Discharged battery

    The Fuse Box

    Fuses are devices that prevent the electrical circuits of your car from being overloaded. Automobiles use a small strip of wire which breaks or melt when the current passing through the fuse is beyond its rating. This occurs to prevent any immense damage on the other components of the car. In cases where you notice any electrical malfunction from your BMW whether, it’s the radio, power window or locks you should check out the fuse box. The latest models of the BMW have their fuse box at the glove box compartment while older models have their fuse box in the trunk of the car. Before ripping your car apart you should check for a bad fuse and have it replaced. It won’t be out of place to investigate the cause of the fuse damage, to prevent any related future occurrence.

    Discharged Battery

    A discharged battery will prevent your BMW from starting especially in cold weather. It gets worse with a poorly charged battery which will not be functional in a humid climate. A battery problem doesn’t require replacement in most cases since city traffic causes the cause of most battery problem. This will, however, prevent your alternator from charging your battery correctly, and it’s a matter of time before you will develop a problem.

    Here is state of charge of batteries and their equal voltages:






    Errors such as a “steering wheel lock” emanates from a low battery in cold weather. The downside of getting this error message is that you will have little or no time to start your car before the start button gets completely numb. The underlining problem is the low battery not the steering wheel of your car, and this is happening because its operation is in contrast with a low battery. Your only viable option is to get a BMW K+DCAN cable and diagnostic software to correct the “steering wheel lock” error message. You can quickly search the internet for the software suite and other pertinent information.


    BMW is entirely tech-enabled which is part of its selling point though with its perks. But with a good BMW repair team like ours, the electrical system malfunction can be fixed and you will be fully covered for any checks by the DPS so you can be sure that your BMW is in the best shape and also on the right side of the law.