Land Rover Range Rover Top 5 Issues
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  • Land Rover Range Rover Top 5 Issues

    Posted on November 9, 2018 by europeanseradmin

    Range Rover – Perfect for Life in Houston

    A Range Rover is perfect for Houston living. Both are spacious, powerful, and luxurious. H-Town is also one of the most populous cities in the United States and the most populous in Texas. Its economy is dominated by a very competitive oil & gas industry, which keeps gas prices low –perfect for a gas-guzzling Range Rover.

    History of Range Rover

    Having a Range Rover is a sign of wealth, and Houstonians, on average, make more than the average US household. So, we can see why Range Rovers are so popular in H-Town. But how did Range Rover become such a status symbol?

    Range Rover is manufactured by British multinational carmaker, Land Rover, and was launched in 1970. Since the beginning, Range Rovers were designed to be luxurious SUVs and they have continued with this tradition ever since. However, unlike other luxury-SUVs, Range Rovers are engineered to be true off-road vehicles. Interestingly, according to the Range Rover’s original designer, they were not meant to be the status-symbols that they have come to be.

    Top 5 Range Rover Issues

    That said, Range Rovers are not free from issues with reliability and expensive parts. So, whether the original designer intended for them to be for the rich or not, they are expensive vehicles to maintain nonetheless. Here are the top 5 Range Rover issues to look out for:

    1. Shaking or Pulsing While Driving

    Drivers of several Range Rover model years are reporting a shaking or pulsing when they press the brake or during regular driving. The problem has been traced back to a common issue of misshaped brake rotors. This is usually caused by worn out brake pads. Please make an appointment and bring your car in for an inspection. This way we can replace any worn out brake pads and warped brake rotors.

    2. Illumination of the ABS Warning Light

    Range Rover drivers are reporting that the ABS warning light is turning on. After careful investigation, the problem is caused during severe wet conditions (which Houston sees a lot of), whereby water is causing corrosion in the ABS modulator electrical connector. This issue is solved by installing better modulator ground leads which provide a better seal for the connector. Make an appointment with us today. If there is corrosion, then that has to be dealt with first before installing the new ground leads.

    3. Sound From Engine Area When in Idle

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    A chirping type noise has been reported by Range Rover drivers when they are in idle. This issue has been identified to be coming from a faulty drive belt idler pulley (pictured above) and can be easily be fixed with a repaired pully. If you are experiencing sounds from your Range Rover engine, then bring it by our service center so we can properly inspect it. You can book your appointment now.

    4. Rough or Unstable When Idle

    intake manifold gasket, intake manifold vacuum, range rover issues, rough idle, unstable idle, houston

    Range Rover drivers have reported a rough or unstable experience when the vehicle is in idle. The problem has been identified as a leak in the intake manifold vacuum (pictured above). Fortunately, this is an easy fix with a repaired intake manifold gasket. If you are having this issue, make sure to bring your Range Rover to the European Service Center. You can make your appointment here.

    5. Oil Leak from Front of Car

    There have been reports of oil leaks for older and new Range Rover models. For example, a 2017 owner said that they noticed oil and fluid leaks all over their garage floor. The issue has been identified as an oil leak developing from the front crankshaft seal (pictured above). Fortunately, there is an easy fix with a repaired seal from the manufacturer, If you are having this problem, get in touch with us here and make your appointment for a visit.

    At European Serice Center, we understand European vehicles. We have been servicing them for over 35 years, and enjoy highly rated reviews from our clientele. Not only do we have the experience with Range Rover, but we can repair and service most European models. Give us a visit at our Houston service center; our ASE certified service mechanics have the tools to inspect, diagnose, and repair any issue your Range Rover might be having. Schedule your appointment today, and get our 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on all of your work for that extra peace of mind.